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VSP Central field uses and improvements meeting March 15, 2018

Please join the Seaton village Residents’ Association (SVRA) and guests from the City of Toronto Parks Department and DOLA – Dogs Off Leash Areas  – to begin discussions regarding Vermont Square Parks’ central field, its uses (including off-leash dog park and playing field) and current condition.

Vermont Square

Guests include:

  • Park Standards and Innovations Unit: Program Standards & Development Office (Dog Off-Leash) Nancy Aranha and Project Coordinator – Landscape Architect, Tara Coley
  • Operations: Brian Green, Park Supervisor for Wards 19 and 20
  • Construction Management and Capital Projects, Sr Project Coordinator, Bob Duguid
  • Colin Burns, Constituency Assistance for Ward 20 Councillor Joe Cressy

Date: Thursday, March 15 2018

Time: Part 1.) 6:30pm – 7:30pm (DOLA + field discussion) + Part 2.) 7:30 – 8:00 other agenda items

Place: Vermont Square Park – main stage in central field + St Albans Boys and Girls Club: 843 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, ON M6G 2R8

Meeting format: We will gather at 6:30pm at the stage in the park to view existing conditions and begin discussions. Just before 7:00pm, we will relocate the meeting to the AV room St Albans Boys and Girls Club (because it’ll be getting a bit dark and probably pretty chilly!!!)


In 2008, the neighbourhood endeavoured upon a lengthy park renewal consultation process. During that time, community members decided to leave the field as is and not create a fenced dog area to replace the grandfathered off-leash dog park that currently exists. It has been 10 years since the first VSP renewal community consultation, so the SVRA decided it time to review how things are working and explore use options.
  • Please see this site to learn more about the Vermont Square Park, including the Dennis Lee playground, renewal  process that was completed in 2015
  • DOLA : what is DOLA? Establish VSP DOLA committee
  • The Issues: use, safety, playground access, field conditions
  • Functionality: current function + means to enhance functionality
  • East boundary barrier feature
  • Other business

Please note:

The AV room is not very large and can only accommodate up to 35 people “comfortably.” We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Meeting notes will be available on this website + subsequent meeting(s) will be scheduled.

The AV room is on the second floor of St Albans. It is about mid-way down and the room entrance is to the right off the hallway (next to the washrooms.)

IF it is too cold outside, we will move into St Albans sooner. So, if we aren’t in the park, latecomers can join the meeting in the AV room.


We really look forward to the discussions to improve the park and continue to build relationships and community with all VSP users. We realize there exists contention with some of the uses. The SVRA hopes for a cordial and productive meeting. Thanks!

***Comments and or questions can be directed to seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com

READ THE SVRA Meeting Minutes March 15 2018_ VSP_DOA!



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June 11 Update

MEETINGS – Mark your calendars!

There are a number of meetings and events coming up that community members might want to participate in.

1. June 15 – the Mayoralty Debate at Trinity St. Paul Church, sponsored by the SVRA and other local residents’ associations.  7pm.

2. June 16 – There is a Christie Ossingto Residents’ Association (CORA) meeting at 6:30pm.  Check out the “Friends of Christie Pits” page for location.

3. June 16 – Communications Cttee SVRA meeting at the Trane (964 Bathurst) 7:30-8:30pm

4. Vermont Square Park Renewal Committee Meeting – June 22, 7pm, St. Albans Library  for updates from the city on where we are and information about park renewal.

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Park Renewal Committee Progress Report

Helping out on clean up day, April 2010

At its meeting on May 25, the Vermont Square Park Renewal Committee (VSP), discussed next steps in community consultation, fundraising, youth involvement,  and outreach to YOU during the summer months.
Andrew Ignatieff, who chaired his first meeting, is speaking to city staffer, Bob Duguid, this week to confirm that we are still on track for the two summertime consultations.  Watch this space for further updates. Based on the plans the city submitted to us in March, we are aiming for  consultations in July and August.  We will confirm once the design consultant is on board.  The consultant will be leading the community consultation.

The fundraising team, led by Liza Jerome, will pull together a plan in the coming months.  They will focus fundraising activities  in three areas – the neighbourhood, local businesses, and relevant foundations. If you want to be on the fundraising committee, or think you know of someone who could help the community raise funds, contact Liza at <liza.jerome072@sympatico.ca>

Vermont Square? Name this park at seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com

On the issue of youth involvement,  Andrew will be talking to the St. Alban’s Youth Council in the coming weeks, as part of a bigger effort for youth in the neighbourhood and St. Alban’s youth to have their say.  Graeme Lovatt, who will be replacing Megan Desjardins, on the VSP Renewal Committee, as the St. Alban’s rep,  will have details, which we will post in this space. Paul Tonin, the new Playground Committee chair, will work with Graeme to make sure neighbourhood kids’ views are included before the end of the school year.
The committee also discussed how we are going to keep the neighbourhood informed of the consultations.  Here is what you can expect.

Check this site in late June-early July to find out about the dates.  They will be posted here first. We will put up about a dozen big posters in high-traffic areas to remind you. If you think your neighbours may not visit the site, or read the posters,  but may be interested in participating, please pass along the information.

Attending: Andrew Ignatieff, Joan MacCallum, Suzanna Birchwood, Bob Luker, Paul Tonin, Jennifer Hunter, Diana Moeser, Peter Groves, David Rezmovitz, Liza Jerome, Megan Desjardins, Eleanor Smollett.  Regrets:  Greg Gaetz, Peter Smith


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