//Honest Ed’s / Mirvish Village Redevelopment and The Mirvish Village Task Group

Honest Ed’s / Mirvish Village Redevelopment and The Mirvish Village Task Group


MVTG website for the Honest Ed’s Mirvish Village redevelopment – keep up to date with what is happening with this development proposal and ways you can participate!


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MVTG Website Please visit for ALL project information www.mirvishvillagetg.org. including the MOST RECENT UPDATES (2017 demolition and construction schedules – to date)

Mirvish Village Task Group

The Mirvish Village Task Group was formed to gather the views of residents and to keep them informed about the proposed development of the Honest Ed’s Mirvish Village site by Westbank Corporation. The task group operates under the aegis of the Palmerston Area Residents’ Association board, and has representation from the four residents’ association whose borders abut the Honest Ed’s site: Palmerston Area Residents’ Association [PARA], Harbord Village RA [HVRA], Seaton Village RA [SVRA] and the Annex Residents’ Association [ARA]

The first meeting of the MVTG was held on June 14, 2014  just prior to the Open House that was sponsored by Westbank at the Centre for Social Innovation. To look at Westbanks’ consultation process, please see their website: http://gwerk.ca/mirvish-village/ . You may also review archived postings about Honest Ed’s Mirvish Village redevelopment on this SVRA site.

PARA sponsored a survey of area residents to provide an opportunity to voice concerns and opinions about the future development of the Ed Mirvish property. The survey closed July 12/2014. Read the survey results. These results should be seen in the context of the Bathurst Study (and the resulting bylaws) and the Four Corners charette, studies that many community members participated in. (The results of the studies and our survey are consistent.) This survey, along with the other relevant studies, will inform the MVTG in ongoing conversations with Westbank.

Honest Ed’s/Mirvish Village Redevelopment: City Planning Public Consultation Process Fall/Winter 2015

The City will be consulting with the public in a number of ways on this application through the remainder of 2015

This proposal is still at an early stage of an ongoing process, which is an important time for community members to give feedback about the design.


On July 10, 2015, City Planning received applications from Westbank to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-laws to redevelop a number of properties bordered by Bloor Street West, Bathurst Street, Lennox Street, and Markham Street, as well as a number of properties on the west side of Markham Street, also known as the Honest Ed’s/Mirvish Village site.

The application includes the proposal for a number of mid-rise and tall buildings, ranging in height from 29 storeys at the southwest corner of Bathurst Street and Bloor Street West, to 6 and 7 storeys to the south and west, respectively. A number of potential heritage buildings fronting both sides of Markham street are proposed to be retained, while others are proposed to be removed.

Given the size of the site and the application, City Planning have developed a detailed website for the application and its materials. On an ongoing basis, information regarding public consultation, related Planning information (Four Corners study, etc.) will be posted to the website, along with the application itself. The application documents can be found on the website here: www.toronto.ca/planning/mirvishvillage.

Application Status

City Staff are currently reviewing the application submitted by Westbank. Decisions made at Toronto Preservation Board hearings, Community Council and feedback provided – by community members – at the City Planning’s open community consultation sessions will inform Planning’s decision on this application.Important Dates 2015September 25, 2015: Toronto Preservation Board: Inclusion on the City of Toronto’s Heritage Register http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2015.PB7.4

  • The item was adopted without amendment (and went to inform October 6 Community Council)

Here are the contributions from the SVRA TPB Mirvish Letter September 2015 September 24, HVRA and PARA boards

October 6, 2015: Toronto/East York Community Council will be considering the preliminary report completed by City Planning on the subject Please see the following link for the agenda item and the staff report:

Here are the contributions from the SVRA SVRA Westbank response letter to CC October 6 2015, PARA PARA CC Oct 6 and HVRA HonestEd’s for CommCouncil Oct2015 MP boards

October 7, 2015: The City’s first Community Consultation session: Open House from 4-8pm at 777 Bloor St. West (Bickford Centre Cafeteria).

The City will be consulting with the public in a number of ways on this application. This was the first of many opportunities for members of the public to learn more about the application, ask questions of City staff and share comments on the proposal. To view all the meeting details.

The presentation Boards are also up on the City’s/Planning’s website:

http://www1.toronto.ca/City%20Of%20Toronto/City%20Planning/Community%20Planning/Files/pdf/H/Hon%20Eds%20Mirvish%20CM%20Boards%20Oct%207%202015.pdf Though it’s probably easier to just use the shorter URL and www.toronto.ca/planning/mirvishvillage and look under the “consultation” tab.

Planners are considering posting the 3D video representation of the development proposal displayed at the first community consultation meeting – it is very compelling to clearly witness the scale of the proposal in relation to its surroundings. Try this link to access Sketch-up to view the 3D model: 3D model (.skp). Sketch-up is a free program you can use to manipulate the views and massing of the 3D model file – http://www.sketchup.com/

The next community consultation date and meeting details will be announced ASAP


Questions and or comments/feedback can be directed to:

  • Joe Cressy: Ward 20 City Councillor email – councillor_cressy@toronto.ca Office ph: 416 392- 4044
  • Mike Layton: Ward 19 City Councillor Mike Layton email – councillor_layton@toronto.ca Office ph: 416-392-4009
  • City Planner: Graig Uens, MCIP, RPP: guens@toronto.ca Planner, Community Planning 100 Queen Street W.18th floor (East Tower) M5H 2N2



MVTG RA’s contribute “Residents associations share concern for Mirvish Village” Op-Ed pieces to The Gleaner October 8, 2015




This page is being updated: to see a comprehensive history of the Honest Ed’s Mirvish Village Redevelopment, for now, please refer to the archived posts categorized in the menu on the right side of the screen.

Links to the Bathurst St Study and the Four Corners Meetings will also be posted ASAP (dated Nov 2015)