This section of the website will focus on planning issues in Seaton Village. Posted will be notices of  community meetings, Committee of Adjustment hearings, and messages sent from Councillor Vaughan concerning zoning and applications to the City’s planning department as falls within the boundaries of Seaton Village or those that have the potential to impact planning in Seaton Village.

Please note, this page serves as a notice board for matters of planning within Seaton Village and not as endorsement of these notices.

Commercial Development


Honest Ed’s Mirvish Village & Westbank Projects Corp.

  • To get all up to date information regarding this development, its status and all City Planning Studies pertaining to this development and environs in Wards 19 and 20, please go to the dedicated page on this site, or visit the Mirvish Village Task Group MVTG website


Dupont St

Please go to the dedicated page on this site.

Please also refer to the Annex Residents’ Association planning and Zoning development portal: https://pandz.crowdmap.com/main





255 Christie St

The application for a 3.5 storey building at 255 Christie will be heard at the Toronto and East York Community Council on June 13, 2012 Here is a rendering of the proposed facade by architect Robert Chang : 2012-06-06 – 225 Christie Rendering

The application at 255 Christie is for a 3.5 storey (or 12.7m) mixed-use building with 16 rental units, 9 parking spaces, and 2 retail uses at grade.

To see the planning staff report, click here: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2012.TE17.6

The agenda for the June 13th 10:00am meeting is posted here: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/decisionBodyProfile.do?function=doPrepare&meetingId=5610#Meeting-2012.TE17.

NOTE: For the two retail uses at grade, the applicant proposes the following sorts of uses: a library, a fitness centre, a day nursery, an art gallery, a community health centre, and a post office.  All stores would have a maximum gfa of 200sq m.  One take-out restaurant, with a maximum of 70 sq m, is also a proposed use. Planning staff believe these uses would be appropriate for the site.

Feedback from area residents at Councillor Vaughan’s October 18th, 2011 meeting at St Albans’ revealed an entertainment facility and massage parlour would not be acceptable businesses for the site/neighbourhood.

1000 – 1002 Bathurst St: Proposed Development

Plans to demolish the existing 2 structures on Bathurst St, just north of Olive Ave, and erect a 6 story residential (rental) building have been forwarded to the Seaton Village Residents’ Association and area residents by Councillor Vaughan and staff.

To view the plans: Site Plan 31000 BATHURST ST _ A3_FRONT ELEVNorth Elevation 3 (2), South Elevation 3, Rear Elevation 3

To view 1000 and 1002 Bathurst St and the existing (abandoned) structures (Google Maps) http://maps.google.ca/maps?hl=en&sugexp=egsbsh&cp=16&gs_id=1q&xhr=t&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1260&bih=561&wrapid=tljp1333737586220030&q=1000+bathurst+st&um=1&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=0x882b349aa8559371:0xf4a9fd3591b7d55c,1000+Bathurst+St,+Toronto,+ON+M5R+3G8&gl=ca&ei=nDh_T5PfEMbL0QGe5pGBCA&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&sqi=2&ved=0CCEQ8gEwAA

Councillor Vaughan’s office has coordinated an open public meeting to view the proposal, ask questions, and provide feedback to the applicant.

Date:  Wednesday, April 18th

Time:  5:30pm to 7:00pm

Location:  Royal St George’s College, Chapel, 120 Howland Avenue

Please RSVP Rebecca Hewitt, Constituency Assistant to Adam Vaughan, by email at rhewitt@toronto.ca or by calling 416 392-4044.

Please note: This proposed development is an agenda item at the upcoming Seaton Village Resident’s Association meeting Wednesday April 11th

When: 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Where: St Albans Boys’ and Girls’ Club (upstairs in the library)

The SVRA can be reached via email at seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com

UPDATE: June 2012

Feedback at the April SVRA meeting + April 18th meeting with Councillor Vaughan and the applicant/developer clearly demonstrated the community’s interest in area intensification; however,  a number of concerns about the height, scale and size, including parking, use of/access to laneway which is also comprised of private property, the need for shadow studies and lack of commercial-at-grade were raised.  Councillor Vaughan and Barry Brooks, City Planner, were also presented with questions about the nature of Bathurst st – that the east side is designated a part of the Urban Core, but the west side of Bathurst is not. A number of other issues complicated consideration of the strip within the parametres of the Mid Rise guidelines set forth by the city.

Councillor Vaughan hosted a second meeting to consider alterations made to 1000 Bathurst st with feedback provided by area residents. Here is a summary of the changes to the building:

  • The entrance was brought to grade, making the 1st floor ONLY wheelchair accessible
  • The top 2 floors of the building were removed, making the building 4 storeys.
  • The envelope of the first 4 floors did not change.
  • The parking stackers at the rear were removed, so there is no parking on the property (Councillor Vaughan is working with staff to develop a no parking permit condition for the building so the demand for on-street parking in the neighbourhood will not increase)
  • Two residential units were added to the basement
  • Shadow studies are currently being prepared by the applicant and will be shared shortly. (please note: no shadow study has yet been completed)

Revised site plans:

North Elevation, Front Elevation , Front elevation – Retail, Rear Elevation, Basement Floor, Site Plan

Brief from Committee of Adjustment hearing for 1000-2 Bathurst St January 23, 2013

It was stated that:

-Street animation not provided by proposed at grade retail opportunity. Live work unit not considered retail opportunity instead CofA qualified it as essentially residential;

-References, points and contexts very different planning references and not at all appropriate or relevant thus, dismissed (cited 555 Dupont st., Vermont Sq Towers senior’s residence @ Barton, B2 development at Bathurst and Bloor (east side);

-Main Streets Initiative: the lot is too small and constrained for the size of the proposal. It pushes envelope and RB remained unconvinced it is an appropriate Main Streets approach. Go back to Councillor’s office/Planning Dept. to discuss;

-Set Back : requirement 7.5 m. According to variance request, Current plan provides only 5.2m. It was then stated that it isn’t liveable space but one story stairwell projection that reduces number. RB asserted does NOT comply with 45degree angular plane (3rd floor) and this is the most impactful aspect of the design/plan. As such, the rear yard proximity to 2 Olive st is problematic (where is 45 degree angular plane being issued from?)

-Characterized project as “over-reaching” and stated “the Devil is in the details” regarding the cumulative impact of the variances

• all 4 members were against the proposal in the present form and the debate among them was whether to turn down the proposal or defer it with the hope that a resolution could be reached between the residents and the developer.

Paulo Oh (developer) argued:

-minimal infringement from angular plane

-Planner Barry brooks qualified the project as “supportable and acceptable” as per most recent revisions January 2013

-neighbourhood has not honoured “agreed to” approval process with the alterations he has made to the structure and so is leery/mistrustful of further collaborative process

-A city “traffic study” assures there are 250 parking spaces available in Seaton Villaqge so he is covered and exempt from providing 8 parking spaces as required by scope of project/3 of units in building

CofA unanimously denied the proposal and mandated ongoing collaboration between Paulo Oh and the Community.

Jh, Mark Fram and Edward Leman met with Developer who offered minor alterations to the 4th and 5th floor balconies by suggesting a 1-2 foot reduction on exterior baconies. Oh argued this would satisfy compliance with 45 degree angular plane, but felt concessions had already been made to the neighbourhood so no further changes would be offered.

SVRA requested from Councillor Vaughan;

1) a meeting at Councillor Vaughan’s office with the councillor mediating and Barry Brooks, City Planner be in attendance to speak to Mr Oh’s claims regarding his support of the project and;

2.) a copy of the “Transportation Study” Mr Oh refers to

A meeting was not able to be accommodated within the Councillor’s/others’ schedule.

Here are the most recent revisions to 1000-2 Bathurst St:

1000 Bathurst_Site Plan 2 ,1000 Bathurst_1st Floor, 1000 Bathurst_2nd Floor, 1000 Bathurst_Basement Floor,  1000 Bathurst_4th Floor    , 1000 Bathurst_4th Mezzanine Floor1000 Bathurst_Roof Floor  , 1000 Bathurst_Front Elevation, 1000 Bathurst_Rear Elevation, 1000 Bathurst_South Elevation 2,1000 Bathurst_Sections 2


CofA hearing for 1000-2 Bathurst St: Wednesday March 27th, 2013

RULING: the CofA turned the proposal for 1000-2 Bathurst St down (again). The developer has submitted an application to the OMB. Hearing date TBA.

Leal Rental

555 Dupont St Community Consultation Meeting AND 555 Dupont St Zoning Amendment Application Final Report

255 Christie St


  • Rapido at 1089 Bathurst has applied for a liquor licence.

Well, it looks like Starbucks is coming to Seaton Village. Construction has started at the former TD bank site at the south west corner of Christie and Dupont and progress is being made at a very quick pace.

Residential Development

Committee of Adjustment Public Hearing Notice for 578 Palmerston. The hearing date has been set for Wednesday, November 16, 2011.  We would appreciate any feedback by 9am on Monday, November 14, 2011 at the latest. Email Councillor_Vaughan@toronto.ca or mscotla@toronto.ca, or call our office at 416-392-4044 with any questions or comments

2011-11-16 – C of A – 578 PALMERSTON AVENUE – Notice

2011-11-16 – C of A – 578 PALMERSTON AVENUE – Plans

The revised notice and plans for 11 Olive Ave, which is an application for a one-storey rear addition and a third floor addition to the existing three-storey semi-detached house : 2011-05-04 11 Olive Ave Revised Hearing Notice 2011-05-04 11 Olive Ave- Plans

Please provide your feedback to seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com by Monday (May 2) morning so it can be forwarded to Councillor Vaughan.

Deadline for filing your written comments for early distribution to the Committee Members is:

 3:00 P.M.THURSDAY, April 28, 2011

 Correspondence filed after this deadline above will not be received by the members until public hearing day.

To ensure that your correspondence is received in a timely manner please:

Email or fax (416-392-0580) a copy of your written comment to:

 (a) the Case Manager listed at the bottom of the Notice of Public Hearing; and

 (b) Anita MacLeod, Manager and Deputy Secretary-Treasurer (amacleo@toronto.ca), and CC: Barbara Bartosik, Senior Planner

Please forward your original signed copies by Canada Post or hand delivery and we will replace the electronic copy.

Please address your correspondence to the Chair and Committee Members, Toronto & East York District.

For a copy of the full Hearing Agenda and other C of A information please visit our website: http://www.toronto.ca/planning/comm_adj.htm

Residents can now track the progress of major development applications on the City’s website at www.toronto.ca/planning/developmentapplications

The fate of Toronto Bike Lanes – a hot topic…

We have received messages from a number of community groups, retailers and the Toronto Cyclist’s Union asking for the SVRA to write a letter to Councillor Minnan-Wong supporting their plan for a barricaded bike network through  downtown Toronto. To read the letter from Andrea Garcia of the Toronto Cyclist’s Union: Toronto Cyclist Union letter.

This is a map of  the proposed lane network:

The Annex Resident’s Association supports the implementation of  protected bike lanes. To read their study: AdoptedAnnex Bicycle Policy_14022011

The Harbord Village Residents’ Association, however, does not endorse the Toronto Union’s Plan and has written a letter of non support to Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong

Ward 20 Councillor Adam Vaughan sent us a letter explaining his perspective and position on the “Rocco Rossi Bike Lane proposal”

Dear Resident Associations and Local BIAs,

Many of you have been recently contacted by the Bike Union about a proposal to re-configure roads and the bike network in the ward. The proposal is the same one that was first floated by Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong last year.

Its goal is to establish barricaded bike lanes on Richmond, Adelaide, John Street, Beverley, St. George (College to Prince Arthur), and along Hoskin Avenue and Harbord Street.

The bike lane on Beverley and St. George would see both north and south cycling lanes relocated to the east side of the street.

Neighbourhoods and business districts in the three corridors are only now being consulted. The item is apparently going to council for approval as soon as April, following March’s Public Works Committee meeting.

This same proposal was shelved last summer because it has several serious design flaws. If approved as currently configured, it would require several community and city initiatives be cancelled and/or totally redesigned.

To read the remainder of Adam Vaughan’s letter and his recommendations: 2011-03-03 AV re Bike Lanes

SVRA’s letter to Rob Ford et al NOT supporting the Cyclists’ Unions proposal:

Dear Mayor Ford et al,

The Seaton Village Residents’ Association (SVRA) has presented the proposal submitted by the Cyclists’ Union to the membership of the SVRA, to area residents and even our local bike shop. After careful discussion and consideration of the opinions offered by those within our community and debate among the SVRA executive, we cannot support the proposal in its current configuration.

Of special note was the lack of clarification on the nature or design of the barricaded lanes including provisions for access/entry points to sidewalks and businesses for those with physical challenges, those needing assistance, and those negociating strollers. Many questioned how these bike lanes might accomodate families with (young) children where safety within the lanes is of great concern. How will communities be impacted by overflow parking on adjoining neighbourhood streets? How will these lanes be maintained – and around the sidewalks or where the barricaded lane ends/begins?

We have read the document and referred to the Cyclists’ Unions’ website, but were not able to find satisfactory answers to these basic concerns, nor are these concerns addressed in the proposal we are being asked to endorse…

Furthermore, it is our understanding the routes proposed are those which already have plans decided by communities through intensive consultation processes. This proposal flies in the face of these processes and those involved in it to decide those plans. After reading the Harbord St BIA’s letter, we also fully support their reasons for rejecting this proposal.

Owing to the lack of information provided in the current proposal and for all the reasons mentioned above, I would like to reiterate that the Seaton Village Residents’ Association does not support the Cyclists’ Unions’ proposal for barricaded bike lanes.

Yours respectfully,

Jennifer Hunter

Chair, Seaton Village Residents’ Association

 This is the letter received from Mayor Rob Ford in response to our communication:

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your email about curbed bike lanes.

I remain committed to my position that we will create on-road bike lanes where they are safe, make sense, are community-supported and do not interfere with traffic flow.

We will also build 100 km of off-road bike paths to create a network of safe, enjoyable bike routes across the city.

As promised during the mayoral election, I am dedicated to delivering customer service excellence, creating a transparent and accountable government, reducing the size and cost of government and building a transportation city.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns. Your input is greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to contact my office again at any time.

Yours truly,

Mayor Rob Ford

City of Toronto

Messages regarding planning can be sent to the SVRA at seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com

Past Planning Meetings/notices:

Thursday, April 7, 6:30pm – Community Consultation on Tall Buildings Study.  Meeting location is Palmerston Library basement theatre. To view the notice:  Tall Buildings Notice doc March 2011

Monday, April 11, 7pm – Statutory Public Meeting for 555 Dupont Leal Rental (Rezoning to permit additional commercial uses within existing building envelope, preliminary report available here: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2010.TE36.58).  Meeting location is Walmer Rd Baptist Church


MINOR VARIANCE/PERMISSION (Section 45 of the Planning Act)

MEETING DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Committee Room 2, Second Floor, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St W, M5H 2N2

File Number: A0028/11TEY Zoning CR (WAIVER)


Ward: Trinity-Spadina (20)


Property Address: 483 DUPONT ST CommunityToronto

Legal Description: PLAN 696 LOTS 106 TO 108 PT LOTS 105 AND 109 RP 66R24859 PART 1

To view the entire notice from the City: 483 Dupont St Hearing Notice

To view the plans: 483 Dupont St Plans p 1-5, 483 Dupont St Plans p 6-9 (2) , 483 Dupont St Plans p 10-14, 4 – 483 Dupont St Plans p 15-18

  • Tuesday, May 3, 7:00 pm Councillor’s Vaughan’s Public Meeting about 328 Dupont St

From Councillor Vaughan: Please join me and Planning staff to hear a proposal for a development at 328 Dupont Street.  This application is for an amendment to the Official Plan, to allow mixed-use in an area zoned as an employment area (and a residential tower).  There will be a presentation, followed by a question and answer session.


Date:        Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time:         7:00 – 9:00pm

Location:  Royal St George’s College, Chapel, 120 Howland Ave

For more information, or to RSVP, please contact Rebecca Hewitt of Adam’s staff at rhewitt@toronto.ca, or via telephone at 416 392-4044.