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Vermont Square Park

Vermont Square Park Off-Leash Hours


The VSPRC is working with the Ward 20 office and the city to restore the parks’ off-leash signs displaying the off-leash area hours that were taken down during the field renewal in 2013.

We are aware that the signs’ absence is causing much confusion, confrontation and frustration so please, until they have been replaced (when conditions allow in the spring of 2015!) share this information with your fellow off-leash companions – 2 legged and 4 😉

As always, please poop ‘ n scoop!





Development of our park, Vermont Square, will take place from 2010 to 2012 thanks to generous funding by the city of Toronto.  Design of the park will be done by the residents of Seaton Village with a goal of improving our park to meet the needs of our friends and neighbours and to foster a stronger sense of community.  We encourage all residents of Seaton Village to participate in the design and development of our park through the Seaton Village Residents’ Association park committee, with design in 2009/10 and development in 2011/12.  If you are interested in helping revitalize the park, please let us know via email and we’ll be happy to include you in the upcoming design planning.  Please see the Park Renewal Page for more information on the Park Renewal Process.

In May 2009, twenty-three deciduous trees were planted in Vermont square to increase the canopy of the park and to enhance its green space.  A satellite map of the park with the tree planting locations is shown below.

Vermont Square Planting Plan 2009
Vermont Square Planting Plan 2009
  • Fm: Freeman Maple (Autumn Blaze)
  • Bm: Black Maple
  • Sb: Serviceberry
  • Hb: Hackberry
  • Rb: Redbud
  • Kc: Kentucky Coffee Tree
  • Tt: Tulip Tree
  • Sg: Sweet Gum
  • Lp: London Plane Tree
  • Ro: Red Oak
  • Bo: Bur Oak
  • Rl: Redmond Linden