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Park Renewal

Vermont Square Park Renewal Process

Here is where you will find all of the documents and information relating to the renewal of Vermont Square Park.  The Vermont Square Park Renewal Committee (VSPRC) is comprised of:   Jennifer Hunter (SVRA Chair), Peter Groves (Rep. of Bill Bolton Arena), Graeme Lovatt (Rep. of St Albans Boys’ and Girls’ Club), Peter Fletcher-Smith,  Erin Mitchell (Playground Committee), Bob Luker, Eleanor Smollett and Joan McCallum.

Vermont Park Renewal Phase 3 – April/May 2015

Phase 3 of the Park renewal project has begun.

Based on the Park Master Plan approved by the SVRA in 2011-12, this phase will involve a series of improvements throughout the Park. This year’s program has specifically been developed to minimize impact on our use of the Park – no big fences; no big delays.

The most significant task is the development of the hard-surface play area in the “elbow” between St. Alban’s and Bill Bolton Arena. The work includes new paving, new trees, wood deck, table tennis and adjustments to the existing metal fence. New controls on Bill Bolton parking will also be installed.

Other improvements include bench adjustments at the Bocce court, at the Olive/Rossmore intersection and elsewhere in the Park. Some benches will be relocated; a few new ones added. There will also be a large, new climbing rock near the Bocce court.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the SVRA seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com



Park Renewal Spring and Summer 2013

Field Improvements

  • Protective fences will go up the end of May to surround the entire field area
  • The field is being excavated (the oak tree stump will remain) and the old irrigation system is being removed. 18” of (compacted) soil is being taken out
  • A new irrigation system is being installed
  • Subsurface conditions are being amended to improve the soil and address surrounding drainage problems occurring on the path, around the Bocce Ball courts and to the west of the area where water has drained onto Palmerston sidewalk causing dangerously icy conditions on the sidewalk
  • New turf is being laid. It will take time – 3-4 weeks – for the turf to establish and thrive.
  • A rock formation is being added to the berm east of the bocce courts

The field will remain off-limits until the turf is thriving, meaning the protective fences will remain around the field through to the end of August, 2013


  • New light standards are being installed around the playing field

We do apologize for the inconvenience of not having an accessible playing field/dog off-leash area this summer and thank you for your understanding and patience while our park becomes even more fantastic!

Please circulate this news widely!  Questions?: seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com

Fall 2103: Unfortunately, the fences will remain throughout the Fall. We have been told fences will come down once sufficient snow has fallen to protect the new sod. Fences will be replaced after the winter.

Winter 2014:  Fences are staying, it would appear. Access can be found through the fence onto the field.

Spring 2014: Awaiting confirmation of schedule for next phase of park renewal slated for this Spring. details soon – apologies.


Monday June 11th, 2012

Construction has proceeded these past few months with many seeming delays. Please know we are ON SCHEDULE and the still construction site is owing to administrative and procedural requirements and not a lack of will or way. Members of the VSPRC are participating in regular site meetings with Bob Duguid, City Planner, Plant Architect Inc. and Mopal Construction Ltd.

The playground will be opening the week of June 28th, 2012 – watch it come together over the next few weeks!

Please circulate this news widely!  Questions?: seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com


Monday April 2, 2012: CONSTRUCTION has begun in the PLAYGROUND!

Day 1

Thank you speedy curly slide and awesome monkey bars!

From February 21st 2012: We had a very successful and well- attended meeting on February 16, 2012 at Palmerston School. Thanks to Andrew Ignatieff for a magnificent job chairing the evening, to local hero Councillor Vaughan and Constituency Assistant Rebecca Hewitt for their ongoing support of the project and commitment to Seaton Village, and to city planner Bob Dugiud and Plant Architect Inc.’s Lisa Rapoport for their vision, perseverence and administrative hoop-jumping! The SVRA would also like to extend a heart-felt thanks to the volunteer members of the Vermont Square Park Renewal Committee, including past playground chair Beatrice Van Dijk,  for their dedication to the renewal effort and to the community!

Phase 1 of the plan sees site prep, demolition and installation of children’s playground area, including the first phase of the art bench. As well, entrance to the park off Palmerston Ave will be altered and a path laid from Palmerston Ave moving east along the southern part of the playground and the wall of Bill Bolton arena to Rossmore Rd. To view the plans, playground elements and the construction schedule, please see below! Please adjust images  – minimize and right click to rotate where necessary.

Vermont Square Park final design plans for Phase 1 and 1(a)

Phase 1 Site Plan: 120124-SITE PLAN_colour

To view the play structures15953-2 3D Lime  and 16028-2 Lime 3D and playground elements: Playground Elements + playground elements (2) (sorry, you will need to adjust these images!)

6 Swing swing set: P1-TP100-11 – SINGLE POST SWING 3-BAY SPEC SHEET

Please continue to check the website and Vermont Square Park community bulletin board for updates or changes to the schedule!


Vermont Square Park Renewal Community Information Meeting

Thursday February 16th  2012

6:30 – 8:30pm

Palmerston Public School Library

734 Palmerston Ave: entry is through front doors

Construction is starting in the park this April, so please come out to learn about:

  • the phases of construction
  • construction schedule
  • review plans finalized last year during the community consultation process

Ward 20 Councillor Adam Vaughan to speak to the fantastic success of our process!

A Q&A session will follow the presentation of the construction schedule

Members of the Vermont Square Park Renewal Committee (VSPRC), Plant Architect Inc. and city planner, Bob Duguid will be on hand to answer questions and speak to the construction and schedule

6:30-7:00: Doors open – viewing of plans and playground finalized last year during community consultaion processes

7:00 – 8:30: Presentation of phases of construction and construction schedule for 2012.  Followed by Q&A

To view the plans: 120124-SITE PLAN_colour

From April 14, 2011:

The VSPRC has concluded the current stage of its work with a meeting with PLANT Architects and the City Parks and Rec representative to give final approval to the design drawings for the Vermont Park renewal process. What was approved at our most recent meeting Thursday April 14th 2011, are the final architects’ drawings which will now enable the City Parks& Rec Department to take the project to tender, encouraging competitive bids from different firms. PLANT Architects provided the drawings and a summary of their fine tuning and consultations regarding the park renewal designs; there are no significant nor substantive changes to the designs already and approved by the VSPRC. The fine tuning was largely in the area of enhancement and positioning of the playground equipment, the result of a final consultation with the Playground Committee. The tendering process should now be accelerated so that construction can begin in mid to late June with the closure of the playground and the construction of protective barriers around the trees, which are the essential feature of our park. As previously indicated on the website, the playground and wading pool may well be closed for July and August, so as to ensure that it is open and accessible in September, so that we can enjoy our renewed playground. The timing for construction, however, largely depends on finessing some final details and the tendering process. We will ensure regular updates ARE provided around construction start time.

From February 9, 2011:

The VSPRC met in mid January with PLANT Architects, the design consultants on the park renewal process, and with Councillor Adam Vaughan.  At that meeting, we reviewed the design master plan, the result of community input and review through the autumn months, as well as the preliminary budget figures. Councillor Vaughan provided assurance that funding was available, through the use of development funds, to ensure that Seaton Village could have ‘the park that we wanted’. A subsequent meeting between Councillor Vaughan, PLANT Architects, and City Parks & Rec Infrastructure staff resulted in a reworking of the cash flow of the development funds that would ensure that the park renewal could be achieved in two stages through 2011 and 2012.

The VSPRC met on February 9th to review the close to final conceptual designs for the park renewal (see below) in addition to the further refinement of preliminary budget figures for the completion of the essential elements of the park renewal. The Committee reviewed preliminary designs for:

– improvements to subsurface drainage,
– accessible transverse access paths,
– the forestry plan for enhanced tree coverage
– the ‘art bench’ protective southern boundary for playground area
– replacement of playground equipment and improvements to the soft surface play areas of the playground
– central hard surface play area adjoining Bill Bolton Arena

The Committee also discussed the revised two stage implementation plan, which will mean that the central area of the park (playground, ‘art bench’, transverse paths) will be constructed in summer 2011, while the south area of the park (central play area/ dog exercise area, bocce courts, subsurface drainage and soil improvement, enhancement of tree cover) will be addressed in summer 2012.

Work will begin in the summer of 2011 on enhancement of the subsurface drainage in the extreme south and south west corner of the park to address the drainage safety issues along Olive Avenue and Palmerston Avenue.

The central portion of the park will be completed in the summer 2012 with the construction of a ‘front porch’ meeting place, immediately to the south of Bill Bolton arena.

The balance of the master plan for park renewal, discussed at length during the community consultation process, will be left to a subsequent development phase (green areas immediately surrounding the building on the west and north sides of St Albans as well as the north and east sides of Bill Bolton Arena). Any plans for further development in this area have been postponed until later, once further funds become available and consultations have been held with those residents or entities most affected.

Next steps: PLANT Architects will be working on the construction drawings and further costing of the construction and the equipment for the park renewal. Once drawings and budgets have been completed, the park renewal will be put up for tender and a construction firm selected. It is now estimated that construction will begin in early June and construction should be completed by the end of the summer. Therefore, the enclosed children’s playground will likely be out of bounds for the balance of the summer, though the central play area/dog exercise area will remain open for the summer months.

Here are the latest/revised Master Plan drawings: PHASE 1 copy and PHASE 2 copy

As always, please email us with comments or questions seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com.

From December 9, 2010:

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to those of you who came out to view the Master Plan presentation on December 6th and share your opinions.  For those of you who were not able to come or who wish to review the drawings and the presentation again, please click on the links below:





From November 18, 2010:

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to those of you who came out to view the three concept designs and share your opinions.  For those of you who were not able to come or who wish to review the designs again, please click on this link:

Vermont Open House One Panels[fa]small

To read comments written on the clipboards at the open house:

3 Scheme-public-comments

From November 16, 2010:

To read notes from from the community meeting and briefs submitted to Plant Architect Inc., and to view images/briefs from our 2 design charrettes:

Vermont Square leash free dog brief

St Alban’s Youth brief

Seaton Village Playground Brief

Notes from Open Community Meeting:

Vermont Square Clip Flipchart notes[1]

1054 Meeting-Community-Soundingfa

Design Charrette Number 1:

Vermont Charrette 1 clipboard notes[1]

From October 22, 2010:

To view notes from clip boards and flip charts October 5th open community meeting click here:

Vermont Square Clip Flipchart notes[1]

Plant Architects have prepared a refined design brief for the park renewal.  A copy of that brief can be found here:


From October 15, 2010:

The first Seaton Village community meeting to discuss ideas for the revitalization of Vermont Square Park was held At Palmerston School, October 5th, 2010, where participants presented their ideas and visions for the park.  Those gathered were introduced to the Vermont Square Park Renewal Committee ( VSPRC comprised of area residents) and PLANT Architect Inc., the design team overseeing the revitalization process. Also present throughout the meeting was Adam Vaughan, our City Councillor.

The Participants were encouraged to present their ideas verbally and or write them down on flip charts and clip boards that were circulated during the meeting. These ideas and information provided at the meeting,  suggestions (from suggestion boxes) gathered at St Albans and Palmerston library this summer, along with results from the 2007 park survey and PLANT’s meetings with the Parks and Recreation managers has been recorded by PLANT’s team. PLANT is currently processing all information in order to create a detailed programme for the revitalization of the park, which will be posted here in the next week. They will refine the suggestions based on the public input, city stakeholder input and observations of the park conditions. Input/suggestions will be evaluated with respect to the best use of the available budget, capacity of maintenance and governance, compatibility with the existing uses, availability of similar uses close by, appropriateness to the existing best attributes of the park and if they actually fulfill a particular common need/desire (not necessarily in that order). Any comments or suggestions can be made to the SVRA seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com and will be passed on to the design team.

Our next opportunity to provide direct input to the design team will be at the upcoming design charette on Saturday October 23rd in Vermont Square Park from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm. Light rain or shine. Heavy rain we will meet at Palmerston Public school Gym. (If you miss this one, or there will be another one November 1)

If you would like to know more information on the park renewal process, please contact the SVRA.