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History and Maps

The Seaton Village Trolley 1890s (on Spadina Road)
The Seaton Village Trolley 1890s (on Spadina Road)

Seaton Village was originally settled by Colonel David Shank and Captain Samuel Smith. Both men were loyalists who served under John Graves Simcoe in the Queens Rangers. In the early 1800’s, the Shank and Smith farm lots were acquired by George Crookshank.

The Crookshank estate began at the foot of Bathurst Street where it overlooked the lake. A laneway from the Crookshank house ran north to his country farm, where Seaton Village is today. The Crookshank laneway is now part of Bathurst Street.

Seaton Village is named after Lord Seaton, a former Lieutenant Governor of Canada. The Village was laid out on the old Crookshank farm in the 1850’s. However, residential development of the present day neighbourhood did not commence until around 1888, when Seaton Village was annexed by the City of Toronto.

Old Map of Seaton Village, Toronto
Old Map of Seaton Village, Toronto, c. 1860

A collection of links to maps of the Seaton Village neighbourhood are available here for review.

Seaton Village Usage Map http://ward20.ca/neighbourhoods_detail.php?neighbourhood=seaton

A 2008 map of Seaton village, with breakdown of residential usage, approved development and proposed development sites.  Produced by Ryerson University,

courtesy of Adam Vaughan.