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Announcements and discussion of Seaton Village’s parks, Vermont Square and Christie Pits.

Summer Solstice 2018 in VSP

It’s back..Solstice fun in Vermont Square Park!  Thursday June 21, 2018 – from6:00pm

summer soltice VSP

Please join the SVRA and your neighbours to celebrate 17 – 18 hours of daylight – it’s the LONGEST day of the year. Come enjoy a hot dog BBQ (including beef, chicken and veggie dogs), S’mores and an awesome bonfire in VSP.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 10.35.56 PM

Jam with Russell!!!

Bring your guitars, ukulele, recorder, accordion, shakers bongos, bells, triangles, maracas, cymbals….heck, even your glockenspiel to the park for some musical fun with Russell Leon a.k.a Russell Sprout! from 6:00 – 7:00

Bonfire until 10:00pm.

Wood contributions VERY welcome!

An awesome huge THANKS to   unnamed  for their very generous contribution to the event!

Happy Summer everyone – Hope to see you all in the park – Let the games begin!

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OPEN TUNING – right here in Seaton Village – Saturday June 9, 2018

Open Tuning 2018 Schedule

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the

5th annual Open Tuning Festival schedule!

Seaton Village is the place to be on Saturday, June 9, with more than 100 acts performing simulataneously at more than 20 venues from 2pm – 10pm! 

We encourage everyone to visit our schedule event planning application. It’s the best way to discover great music and plan your festival day ahead of time. You can browse performances and search by time, artist or venue. 

See the complete 2018 Festival day schedule at


There are still plenty of openings for volunteers who can lend a couple of hours on festival day. We need Roving Festival Ambassadors, Equipment Wranglers,Photographers/Videographers and more. View all volunteer opportunities by clicking on the link below. You can easily choose when and how to be part of this fantastic free street music celebration. High school students can earn community service hours!


Organized by friends and hosted by neighbours, Open Tuning is a volunteer-run, community celebration of music. We remain committed to running without corporate sponsorship and rely entirely upon individual donations. By donating what you can, you help us offset costs for things like poster printing, park permits, and sound equipment rentals for the many neighbourhood stages. Please donate today!


For further information about Open Tuning,

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Dupont St Developments Construction Meeting: Tuesday May 29, 2018

Dupont Development Construction Management Public Open House

May 29th 6:30 – 8:30pm

St Bruno Catholic School, gym (402 Melita Crescent)

Councillor Cressy and Councillor Mike Layton are hosting an Open House to give residents an opportunity to discuss the progress of a number of development projects along Dupont Street in Wards 19 and 20. At the meeting, you will be able to review the Construction Plans for 420, 500, 740 and 840 + 860 Dupont Street and learn more about managing construction in the area.


Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Time: 5:30pm- 7:30pm
Location: St. Bruno’s Catholic School, 402 Melita Crescent  (just west of Christie/south of Davenport)

The City’s adoption of a final report on August 25, 2014 was appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). A tentative settlement was reached through mediation that City Council voted to endorse in March 2016 with hearing completion in May 2016. The OMB issued a decision on January 20, 2017 approving OPA 271 and Zoning By-law 1011-2014. On February 1, 2017, the OMB issued a decision approving the site-specific Official Plan amendment and Zoning By-law amendment applications for the sites at 275 Albany Avenue & 420 Dupont Street, 500 Dupont Street, 740 Dupont Street, and 840-860 Dupont Street

Site work has begun at the 740 Dupont St/RioCan project (formerly Grand Touring Automobiles) + the Pioneer gas station has closed (sob) on the Sobey’s project site signalling the start of the redevelopment process in Ward 19. Two of the applications are slated for construction soon in Ward 20: 500 Dupont and 420 Dupont.

Both Councillors’ goal is to ensure that the impacts from construction are managed and limited – to do this,  feedback is needed from local residents and residents’ associations!

For further information please refer to the City’s website here.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please feel free to contact our offices to learn more:

Councillor Cressy, 416-392-4044 or email
Councillor Layton, 416-397-4110 or email






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Vermont Square Park Field Refurbishment work: May 2018

Members of the SVRA, Vermont Square Park Dog Off-Leash Association (DOA), City Staff from DOLA (Nancy Aranha and Tara Coley), our Park Supervisor, Brian Green, Nadia Blackburn (General Supervisor, Parks TEY), Bob Duguid and Gord Dol (Dol Turf Specialists) met in Vermont Square Park on April 26, 2018 to view existing conditions and discuss a plan to address issues of concern specific to the central field.


Those issues include: grading, drainage, sub surface soil conditions (the compacted soil and ways to improve those conditions) viable field covers and conditions around the stage including pronounced irrigation heads (tripping hazards).



  • the high/heavy use of the field by humans and dogs,
  • The intense compaction /conditions of the earth in the field area
  • the effects of dog urine on grass,
  • the impact of uses including dog activity on the field after a (heavy) rain and during the Spring thaw that damages plant root systems

A variety of field covers beyond sod (Kentucky Blue Grass) and grass were discussed along with the preference to ensure as much access to the field as possible during the spring and summer months.


Historically, although grass is the original ground cover for much of the southern portion of the park/the central field, it has never been successful over time//with heavy use of the central field (although it does grow elsewhere with relative success.) Instead, several native species such as Chickweed, Camomile and Plantain have established in the field and elsewhere with relative success.  Unfortunately, since 2015, the ground/soil in the park’s central field has become incredibly compacted allowing the perfect conditions for Knotweed to take root. Knotweed is a highly invasive and noxious species that the City of Toronto strives to eliminate. It muscles out other species. It is an annual, meaning, the plant goes to seed then dies back in the fall and re-emerges in the spring leaving the area bare during the shoulder seasons.


The group decided the following plan for the Spring/May 2018

Beginning the week of May 14, 2018, Dol Turf Specialists will:

  1. Excavate around the stage and install 4″ depth of limestone screenings,
  2. Lower east CB frame and grate by 2″ / one ring,
  3. Grade out ponding areas and make adjustments to grade in the existing swales to ensure drainage flow to CB’s. Remove surplus excavated material from site,
  4. Core aerate the field to 6″ depth
  5. Seed with 3 way Ryegrass
  6. Fertilize
  7. Set up “barriers” in area to be protected, not the entire field.
  8. Perform second round of aeration and slit seeding with ryegrass at future date 2018
  9. Every two weeks, Parks and/or community reps, or both, will relocate barriers to protect another section of field, and rotate the protection area around the field. This will gradually open up increasingly more field area within weeks of the start date.

***Top soil will be added if/as required

The main stage are and adjacent field area will be available for OPEN TUNING Festival 2018  use on June 9, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: During this time, the treed area east of the playground/stage and south of Bill Bolton Arena will be available for any off-leash activity.

The SVRA and VSP DOA will ensure messaging to the community is consistent and accurate. Signs will be posted at the park/on the fences around the site, email blasts, information on the SVRA website and Seaton Village and the Dog People Facebook group pages will be updated.


Other notes: future field upkeep and care is essential to the long-term success of the field. The SVRA and DOA + Park Staff will endeavour to find ways to curtail use of the field during the spring thaw, wet seasons, and after a (heavy rain.)

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Green Line Implementation Plan April 23, 2018: Public consultation Meeting

The vision to make this provincially-owned infrastructure corridor also function as a publicly accessible green line has been a goal for many years.

The technical details of this image can be described by contacting the project coordinator listed on this page
Click to enlarge concept drawing

In Phase 2, an overall conceptual master plan will be developed for the proposed Green Line, complete with design guidelines, design details and site-specific schematic designs for various public spaces proposed within the corridor.

It will also include the preparation of a priority and phasing plan and an implementation schedule with preliminary cost estimates. This work will provide a method for the City to realize the proposed conceptual master plan over time.

The Green Line Implementation Plan Report will propose a high quality public open space system with a recognizable visual identity that meets the needs of the community, invites people to a unique setting, and becomes a part of the lasting legacy and image of our city.

Phase 2: Draft Conceptual Master Plan

  • Date: April 23, 2018
  • Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Location: City of Toronto Archives, 255 Spadina Road

City staff and the consultant team members will present the Draft Conceptual Master Plan, receive input from the public, and discuss next steps. Everyone is welcome to attend.

View the Green Line Public Meeting April 23_2018 notice 




***Councillor Joe Mihevc, Ward 21, and Councillor Cesar Palacio, Ward 17, will be in attendance.

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SVRA Meeting April 10, 2018 FOCUS: Vermont Square Park field work + area park updates

SVRA meeting Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Time: 7:00 – 8:30

Location: Vermont Square Longterm Care facility, lower level rec room (914 Bathurst St @ Barton Ave)


  • Discussion of current state of field + revised field improvement option + tentative schedule;
  • DOA – Dog Owner Association VSP – new!
  • Monsignor Fraser + Green Line implementation Plan – Public Meeting April 23, 2018
  • April 28: Community Cleanup – Dennis Lee Playground + Ward 20 Compost drop
  • Update: May AGM (rescheduled date)
  • Other business

History: The central field in Vermont Square Park is enjoyed as both dog off-leash park + for a wide variety of other activities.

In 2015, the field renovation work was completed after a lengthy park renovation process that included the Dennis Lee Playground, installation of the bench, games tables and seating throughout the park + new pathways and hard-surface rec area off the Bill Bolton service road/beside the arena.

Several problematic issues have impacted the field since it was re-opened in 2015, including highly compacted earth, pooling or “ponding” along the swale, soil erosion etc.

Councillor Cressy’s office has allocated funds to assist with field improvements. Bob Duguid, Sr Project Coordinator with PFR Construction Management and Capital Projects is working with the community to ensure the best option is selected to insure meaningful improvements to the soil, drainage system and field ground cover.

We are in discussion with Bob Duguid and Dol Turf Specialists + our Park Supervisor, Brian Green, to modify and customize the action plan for the field.

We encourage you to come to the meeting, learn about the possible revised option(s) and participate in the discussions.

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Vermont Square Park + Bill Bolton Arena Spring and Summer 2018 Construction projects

Vermont Square Park Improvements 2018

 The Central field in Vermont Square Park was renovated in 2015. The process to complete the work was involved and long. Unfortunately, what we’ve discovered since, is that the subsurface earth is so compacted that nothing is able to grow very successfully whether it be knotweed or, preferably, grass. This leaves the field a muddy mess or bare during the shoulder months. In summer the field is reduced to a dust bowl.

 Options, including alternatives to grass, have been explored with the City; for example, mulch, pea gravel or an asphalt aggregate. None of these options would allow for the variety of activities currently enjoyed on the central field.

 At the March 15th SVRA meeting, City Parks Senior Project Coordinator, Bob Duguid described options to remedy problems affecting the turf, with grading issues and water ponding on the central field. Please see the SVRA Meeting Minutes March 15 2018_ VSP_DOA FINAL for a full description.

Funds are being made available from the Ward 20 budget. In the October 2018 municipal elections we will become a part of Ward 19. There is no guarantee funds will be made available from the Ward 19 office budget. Community members at the March 15, 2018 SVRA meeting unanimously opted for a complete field makeover.

This will result in the closure of the main field for 3 – 4 months starting this Spring.

 We’d like to hear from others in the community so we can answer any questions you might have and respond to comments.

Questions and comments can be sent to the SVRA from Wednesday March 28, 2018 – Sunday April 8, 2018     email:

A SVRA meeting to discuss the upcoming field work will take place on April 10, 2018

Time 7:00 – 8:30

Location: Vermont Square Long Term Care facility (914 Bathurst St.)


Bill Bolton Arena

The SVRA has just learned details of the major facility/rink construction work scheduled at Bill Bolton Arena during the Spring and Summer months.

This work will result in parts of the playground and the north east corner of the field being sectioned off to provide contractor staging, storage and parking areas.

The wading pool and playground south of the wading pool will remain open throughout the summer.

 Please view the official construction notice: FLYER-BOLTON-CAPITAL-WORKS from the City of Toronto for more information on this project and to see impacts to the playground and park.

  • Updates will be provided by the SVRA, BBA and the City of Toronto as these projects move forward.

 We do appreciate the frustration caused by the inconvenience of playground and field closures during these parallel construction projects in Vermont Square Park.

 Many thanks to Councillor Cressy for allocating funds to make these much needed improvements to our community amenities and to City of Toronto Parks staff for their ongoing work.

Monsignor Fraser College – Annex: A New Urban Green Space!

On 9 January, 2018, TDCSB Trustee Jo-Ann Davis and Councillor Joe Cressy held a joint TCDSB / City of Toronto Open House at Monsignor Fraser College – Annex Campus, to inform the local community of an exciting new partnership that will see the current fence-enclosed asphalt playground on Markham St turned into an urban green space with areas for both student programming and the wider Seaton Village community.

Work is expected to start at the end of June, 2018, and to take approximately 3 months to complete.  The City of Toronto has committed approximately $300,000 to the project, and well as to the ongoing maintenance of the site, which will see the southern portion of the Monsignor Fraser College site transformed into a shared use urban green space.  Read more


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