Seaton Village Neighbours at the 2009 SVRA AGM, May 6, 2009
Seaton Village Neighbours at the 2009 SVRA AGM, May 6, 2009

The Seaton Village Residents’ Association (SVRA) is a not-for-profit community organization open to all residents of Seaton Village, located in Toronto, Canada.  The purpose of the Association is to improve living conditions in the Seaton Village Area and to promote and express the interests of the area residents through municipal representation.

Seaton Village Residents’ Association Constitution SVRA Constitution 2011  ratified May 11th, 2011

The SVRA attempts to hold regular open meetings each month to provide an opportunity for residents to participate in the continual improvement of our community and to meet other neighbours.

2014/15 Meeting Dates

  • Tuesday November 11th
  • Tuesday January 13th
  • Tuesday February 10th
  • Tuesday March 10th
  • Tuesday April 14th
  • AGM: Tuesday May 12th


A notice will be posted to the website and a reminder will be sent out via email SEVEN (7) days ahead of each meeting to the membership and contact list

An agenda will be posted on the website TWO (2) days prior to each meeting

2014/15 SVRA Executive

President – Jennifer Hunter

Vice President – Joan MacCallum

Treasurer – Sue Mander

Vermont Square Park Renewal Committee Chair – Peter Smith

Planning Committee Chair – Mark Fram

Lane Naming Committee Lead: Ed Janiszewski

Safety Committee Chair – vacant

Traffic Committee Chair – vacant

Events Committee  – vacant

Playground Committee Chair – vacant

There are several ways residents of Seaton Village can join and be a part of the Seaton Village Residents’ Association


  1. As a CONTACT: this is free, and simply by sending us a message to seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com, your name and contact information will be added to our contact list. You will receive regular communications and notices from the SVRA regarding community happenings, meetings and updates to our website;
  1. As a MEMBER: Membership fee for the SVRA is $20.00 annually.  You will be provided the same services as a contact and you will have voting rights at the May AGM. You will also be eligible  for a position on the SVRA Executive including which includes SVRA  committee chairs.

We are a not-for-profit organization comprised of dedicated community volunteers. Your membership fees and donated financial support to the SVRA enables us to create a more dynamic website, to execute more events like Family Day Skate, the Pumpkin Patch and Eggstraveganza!  to host speaker series at meetings and to be involved in important events such as elections debates and forums, rent spaces for meetings, pay for permits for these events, mailings etc.  THANK YOU!  If curious about our spending at the SVRA, please see the Treasurer’s Report below.

Your support and involvement will facilitate our growth and the scope of events to make this great community even better!

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you. Volunteers are always welcome and always necessary!  If you’d like to be a part of any committee, if you’d like to volunteer or have some ideas to share with us, or perhaps membership inquiries, please drop us a message anytime at seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com


SVRA Committee Mandates

The Playground Committee

The mandate of the Playground Committee of the Seaton Village Residents’ Association is to improve and maintain play areas in Vermont Square Park.  The Playground Committee shall help the Seaton Village community raise playground issues and communicate with City of Toronto Parks staff, organize and participation in occasional playground clean-ups, participate in decision-making regarding playground improvements and maintenance and offer assistance in planning community events to take place in the playground.

The Events Commitee

The mandate of the Social Committee is to organize Community Events for the residents of Seaton Village.  The Social Committee will plan, organize and publicize social events during the year

The Safety and Traffic Committees :

The mandate of the Safety and Traffic Committees is to provide a forum to discuss and understand ongoing and emerging traffic and safety concerns for residents of Seaton Village.  The committee will establish opportunities for residents to express their experiences, views, concerns and preferences about traffic and safety.  The committee will act as a liaison between residents and the Ward 20 City Councilor’s Office, Toronto Police 14 Division, and the institutions and business within Seaton Village to create safe and effective traffic flow throughout the neighbourhood.  The committee will provide periodic traffic and safety updates including those from the City of Toronto Police Services 14 Division.

Treasurer’s Report 2009/2010 : SVRA financial 2009-10 (to be revised for 2011/12 ASAP!)

Many residents in Seaton Village do not have immediate access to a computer or the Internet, and many may also feel challenged communicating in English. If you know someone in such circumstances who would like to contribute opinions, we encourage you to help them participate. If they would like assistance in a language other than English, send us an e-mail with relevant contact info, and we’ll facilitate communication in the appropriate language.

Thanks for looking out for your neighbours!