New Orleans Jazz Procession for Mirvish Village and Honest Ed’s December 15th – cancelled – but brave the crazy weather for some Treats at Southern Accent!

So, about tonight’s “Jazz Funeral” including parade for Mirvish Village and Honest Ed’s

We are really disappointed we have to cancel the parade. We can’t risk the musicians’ fingers or their “chops” and we certainly wouldn’t want ANYONE to get hypothermia out there – as hearty, adventurous and awesomely spirited as we are

We do hope you can join us at Southern Accent for a complimentary cup of hot chocolate or apple cider on the front patio – with heaters!

Come regale Donna’s  [PARA] Turkey Float with flashing lights. 

And maybe, just maybe, we could have a little impromptu flash mob musical parade through Honest Ed’s? Wouldn’t THAT be naughty and nice….! Hmmmm……

You know, we may not have been able to have delivered a full on, pull out all the stops jazzy procession/parade, but the fact that almost 700 people over several Facebook sites were “Interested” is a pretty awesome show of (community) love for Mirvish Village and Honest Ed’s. “There’s no place like this place, anyplace!” and that’s for sure.

It’s supposed to be much warmer next week, so “You lucky people!” go while you still can to Markham St and to Honest Ed’s to enjoy and support the remaining businesses and restaurants while they last, you’d be nuts not to think of all the cashew save and the memories you’ll have.

Amos Shaw (another fab Seaton Villager) of The Next SuperGeek  thanks again for the FAB poster!!!

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