//Dupont St Corridor Development and OMB Mediated Outcomes

Dupont St Corridor Development and OMB Mediated Outcomes

On March 22, Councillor’s Cressy and Layton (Ward 19) hosted an open community meeting at Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church on Manning Ave to discuss these appeals and the mediation process underway. (Meeting dupont-corridor-meeting-flyer-march-22-21)

Background: This Appeal Map shows which properties have appealed the Dupont Street Study.

Dupont St Appeals Map

Dupont Street Prepares for a Wave of Redevelopment: Read more on UrbanTo: March 23, 2016


THE GOOD NEWS: Settlement was reached through mediation.

These represent a good outcome for the community, and rather than risking it all through a full hearing, the Councillors advocated recommendations from the Dupont St Study and priorities expressed by community members at the March 22 meeting. It was determined that following staff’s recommendations to protect the community’s vision for Dupont was the best outcome for the neighbourhood.


Councillors Cressy and Layton released a Dupont Street community letter on the Dupont OMB settlements. Additionally, check out Councillor Cressy’s website for more information

To view the City’s Dupont St portal and supporting information about th eDupont St Study

Check out the SVRA website for more in depth material and Dupont St appeals specific property notes _ 2016