A cold, windy and AMAZING Seaton Village Pumpkin Patch in Vermont Square Park!

On a VERY cold November 1st, Vermont Square Park was aglow with almost 400 amazing pumpkins donated by very creative Seaton Villagers for our annual Pumpkin Patch!  Displaying

Thanks to everyone who brought their pumpkins, fought the chilly winds thwarting the flames to keep them aglow, and assisted Jon Osmond with getting the pumpkins into the bins at the end of the night.  A Herculean task!

Thanks to Alexis, Peter  and Dexter for making the delicious beverages, bringing them to the park and assisting with the urns so graciously donated by Gervais Party Rental! Thanks Torie Gervais and Gervais Party Rentals

Thanks to the Ward 20 office for arranging the event permit and to Brian Green, our park Super, for geting those bins for post-event pumpkin pickup

Thanks to your generosity the SVRA was able to cover the costs for this event: candles, lighter, beverages and marshmallows

Next year we promise to make more hot chocolate 🙂


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