//The Seaton Village Residents’ Association Condemns Recent Smear Campaigns in Wards 19, 20 and TDSB Ward 10

The Seaton Village Residents’ Association Condemns Recent Smear Campaigns in Wards 19, 20 and TDSB Ward 10

We have been besieged by shameful smear campaigns during this recent pre-election campaign time.

Olivia Chow, Kristyn Wong Tam and Munira Abukar have all experienced horrific hate and racism during this election

Recently, and locally, allegations were made against Terri Chu from a “Concerned Citizen” and now TDSB Ward 10 Trustee candidate Ausma Malik has been the target of hateful, racist flyers circulated throughout the northern parts of Wards 19 and 20, TDSB Ward 10 from so-called “Concerned Parents.”

Three school board candidate meetings have been disrupted by charges of radical extremism, screamed and threatening accusations aimed at sowing suspicions of a Muslim candidate’s fitness to serve as a school Trustee. Police were in attendance at the final meeting and removed one of the disruptive audience members from the hall.

Ironically one of her fellow candidates for Trustee of Ward 10 urged voters to fact check using the internet. It can be argued that neither Google nor Reddit provide actual facts, it can also be argued that newspapers, their journalists and articles can be biased. Ausma Malik can and has responded to allegations claiming she holds extremist, racist views, has participated in fraudulent elections at UofT and more.

She has repeatedly said – and again recently at the Ward 10 School Trustee forum organized by the ARA, HSRO, HVRA, SVRA, Harbord Village BIA and Bloor St BIA – very clearly – she does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, gender or sexual orientation. She is not a supporter of radical Islam. She does not support instruction in any religion in Public Schools.  She has been forced into stating the obvious – that she does not support terrorism.

The author(s) of all these flyers have, cowardly, remained anonymous.

Elections are a most serious time in the life of a democracy. Slurs and innuendoes and personal attacks undermine our political system.  This statement does not indicate endorsement of Ms Malik or any particular candidate. The SVRA and other Ward 19 and 20 RAs by taking positions against these tactics are standing up for the democratic process.

The City of Toronto’s motto is “Diversity is our Strength.”Let’s show that now and forever.

The Ausma Malik campaign team have alerted the police and an investigation is underway to discover the sources of the flyers. The SVRA wishes to thank democratically-minded and wonderful community members who have particiapted in stopping these assaults

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Please note: parts of this letter were reproduced with permission from the anti-hate letter signed by the HVRA, HSRO, PARA and Grange RA