//Barton St Traffic and Safety Walk

Barton St Traffic and Safety Walk

Area residents will be joined by staff from the Ward 20 office, municipal Transportation Technologist, Arshad Nazir, The VP of Palmerston Ave Public School, representation from 14 Division and members of the Seaton Village Residents’ Association

The first part of this session will be a walkabout to view and actively discuss challenges along Barton Ave and within the school zone.

Walkabout meeting time: 6:00pm at the northwest corner of Barton St and Palmerston Ave, just north of Palmerston Square

Those wishing to continue the discussion are invited to St Albans Boys’ and Girls’ Club for the second part of the meeting where it promises to be bright and warm!

Meeting time @ St Albans: aproximately 7:00pm – 8:00pm

To view past discussions regarding Barton St please read Traffic and Safety Minutes Oct 10 SVRA Meeting and or view the website: http://seatonvillage.ca/traffic-safety/