//SVRA Executive Position on the Central Tech Field Improvements (Dome) Project

SVRA Executive Position on the Central Tech Field Improvements (Dome) Project

The Seaton Village Residents’ Association Executive members do not support the TDSB’s current proposal for or means employed by the TDSB, former school Trustee Chris Bolton or interim Trustee Briony Glassco to realize “championship field improvements” at Central Tech School through a private deal with Razor Management Ltd.

This is a decision arrived at after many months of learning about both positions and understanding the details of the proposal as it unfolded.

Members of the SVRA were at CTS Field information meetings, attended Ward 10 meetings with Trustee Bolton and have been privy to ongoing communications from the Ward 10 School Trustee, from the Harbord Village Residents’ Association (HVRA) and its members/task force and from Palmerston Area Residents’ Association (PARA) whose members also participated on the task force working group.

The SVRA Executive has and continues to discuss the matter with the boards of the HVRA, PARA, the Annex Residents Association (ARA) and the Huron Sussex Residents’ Organization (HSRO) .

Please note: At no point in time has the goal of revitalizing the CTS field been challenged or opposed by the SVRA Executive – or, for that matter, by other RA’s or by the Ward 20 Councillor(s).


Clearly the field is in need of attention for the benefit of the students. For the community as well. The SVRA does not oppose development of this field; opposition is for THIS proposed development of the field. The SVRA Executive supports their community partners the HVRA and PARA, and opposes the privatization of the field, the deal the TDSB made with Razor, and takes serious issue with the conduct, intention, communication and messaging of former Trustee Bolton, the TDSB, and now, interim Trustee Briony Glassco.

The Executive also believes this matter should be held over until a Ward 10 Trustee and Ward 20 Councillor have been elected.



The selling off and privatization of the field

  1. CTS students will enjoy the field 30% of the time. Private use of the field 70%. Only 3% use by the community is scheduled – availability/schedule subject to permitted use;
  2. b) For 20 (1) years less a day. Financial benefit uncertain although Matthew Raizenne of Razor Management Inc. claims it will invest $6 – 7 million in field improvements….How will the lease roll over? What process is involved? There exist too many gaping uncertainties.             

Traffic Study and parking:

The maximum capacity on each of four mini-fields is 30 players. 120 players in total. Plus runners on the track. Plus coaches, family, other supporters and Razor Management staff. That’s 100 cars an hour, 700 cars a day, potentially 5,000 a week, arriving at the drop-off site on Borden Street. City Transportation believes virtually all young players will be driven to the site and the same will hold true for most adult players in the evening, regardless of encouragement by the rental organizations for their members to take public transit to the dome. Drivers will naturally seek street parking close to the proposed drop-off zone on Borden Street. The closest free parking is in the adjacent neighbourhood — in the area between Bloor, Major, Ulster and Palmerston. City Transportation reports street parking is already at capacity in that zone. Of 301 possible permit parking spaces, 267 are taken, leaving 34 for visitors, trades, health workers, relatives, and patrons of our local businesses.

Inevitably, the dome customers would seek free street parking spaces that our neighbours have parking permits for, meaning neighbourhood permit holders would be displaced from parking until the facility closed at midnight.

The TDSB has repeatedly mentioned cancelling or reducing Central Tech night school classes to free its Borden Street parking lot to customers using the facility.

Transportation’s traffic and parking studies indicated “severe” impact on the neighbourhood.

Other impact on surrounding neighbourhoods (HVRA and PARA – perhaps even the Annex):

Permits will be issued until 11:00pm – midnight every night. An equivalent to a 7 storey dome will be erected during the winter months, installation of new flood lights around the field. Again, sub-divided field, 8 teams + supporters. Post-game revelry spilling onto neighbouring streets. To start with…

Significant environmental concerns and the loss of green space:

Unlike Seaton Village, neither the Harbord Village nor the Palmerston Area south of Bloor has parks. None! All that exist are parkettes. In the HVRA’s case, their 2 parkettes total .4 of an acre. By contrast, the CTS field, which has been well-used by the community outside of school hours, is 4 acres in size. It is, effectively, the community’s only green space.

Other enviro-issues: A report by the TDSB of its own sites with artificial turf confirms that on 30+C days, plastic turf fields show temperatures of 60+C. This means that on hot days when heat alerts are in effect, a plastic field at CTS will be increasing the health risks and air conditioning costs of residents in the immediate vicinity. Beyond the heat island effect, is the crumb rubber infill associated with plastic turf. It is illegal in this province to landfill tires due to the levels of lead and cadmium found within. When people play on plastic turf fields, the crumb rubber is ground into smaller and smaller particles until it becomes dust that attaches itself to clothes and is easily inhaled. Crumb rubber also off-gasses and inside the winter dome, the levels of those gases may be dangerous for young children. No children should be exposed to lead and cadmium.

Finally, when residues of leaves find their way into plastic turf, bird poop or other natural substances, their decomposition will generate bacterial activity that require chemicals, in order to stop that activity. Both the TDSB and Razor Management were unwilling to address questions about this that were posed to them during the Working Group meetings last winter.

Nature and quality of communications and information-sharing with former Trustee Bolton and the TDSB

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