//Honest Ed’s Updates: Mirvish Village Task Force survey results and…welcome Gregory Henriquez!

Honest Ed’s Updates: Mirvish Village Task Force survey results and…welcome Gregory Henriquez!

Over the summer, The Mirvish Village Task Group, lead by PARA (Palmerston Area Residents’ Association) and comprised of representatives from the ARA, HVRA and the SVRA conducted a survey of area residents to provide an opportunity to voice concerns and opinions about the future development of the Ed Mirvish property, including Honest Ed’s and Mirvish Village. The survey closed July 12/2014.

PARA points out that “our neighbourhoods are coming under increasing pressure from development and intensification, from conversion of houses, to to potential infill (along Dupont, Bathurst and Christie Streets Sts. within Seaton Village,) to the redevelopment of the massive Honest Ed site, to proposals for large commercial and sports facilities on our borders.” As PARA states, “if we are to play an active and positive role in shaping the future of our neighbourhood, we need to articulate the values that make this neighbourhood an attractive and vibrant place in which to live. A vision for the neighbourhood is an essential basis for negotiations with the city and developers, however large or small. Furthermore, the proposed changes in the municipal approval process for development assume a neighbourhood vision that reflects the collective values of the community.”

Here are the mvtg survey report – final results: PARA and the task group would like to express our appreciation for all those who took the time to complete the survey!

The results were presented to Westbank Management Corp who have purchased the site in its entirety.

Westbank is well-known for community and stake holder engagement as an integral component of each specific project it undertakes. Revisioning Honest Ed’s – realizing this is the deconstruction of an icon – is a complex endeavour that Westbank is keenly aware of. Already this project is being developed with a strong foundation of community consultation and of mindfulness towards stakeholder (for eg., CSI Bathurst St) and resident’s/neighbourhood concerns, priorities, and values INCLUDING the deep and varied feelings that exist for Honest Ed’s and recognizing the historical significance and emotional attachment so many who live in or visit the neighbourhood have for Mirvish Village. In fact, the first question from the architect, Gregory Henriquez, hired to re-imagine Honest Ed’s and Mirvish was ” What are the dilemmas facing your neighbourhood and how can this project address this?”

To find out more about Mr Henriquez: http://henriquezpartners.com/ and Westbank Corp: http://westbankcorp.com/

Plans will be presented to the City as early as later this Fall  –  check out the planning process