Central Tech update — TDSB has lost another round in its fight to force an 8-storey commercial sports dome onto the Central Tech playing field

Courtesy of the Harbord Village Residents Association:


September 30, 2014
The TDSB appeal to Divisional Court was turned down today by the three justices who heard the appeal.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
The day after the loss at Divisional Court, TDSB lawyer Gordon Petch wrote the Ontario Municipal Board requesting a 10-day hearing as soon as possible. He also requested the assistance of a board mediator “on an emergency basis” in hopes of fast-tracking a settlement between the city, the communities and the school board that will clear the way for the dome.

For details on legal and planning developments, please see our new Central Tech Legal/Planning webpage.

HVRA will soon be launching a fund-raising appeal to pay for expert planning, legal, and other advice needed to properly represent ourselves at any such proceeding.

An OPEN LETTER TO ELECTORS opposing the Central Tech dome proposal has been signed by 20 Councillor and Trustee Candidates in Trinity Spadina (Municipal Wards 19 and 20, and TDSB Ward 10).

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