//Community Updates March 2014

Community Updates March 2014

Bathurst St Study: Consultant’s Recommendations Open Community Meeting

The Bathurst Study public meeting is Monday March 3rd 7:00 – 9:30pm at Central Tech School, in the cafeteria entrance is off Borden St (door #2), in between Bloor and Harbord. Details can be found here: toronto.ca/planning/bathurst.htm.

The City Planning staff will be presenting the consultant team’s final recommendations on the Bathurst Study, including retail recommendations, and seeking your comments. They will then consider your comments in drafting their own, possibly different, set of recommendations to go to City Council this Spring.

You can see the consultants recommendations that will be presented for your feedback at the meeting online here: http://www1.toronto.ca/City%20Of%20Toronto/City%20Planning/Community%20Planning/Files/pdf/B/Bathurst%20Study%202014%20Consultant%20Final%20Report.pdf

The Retail Study

The Retail Study has been posted on Planning’s website. You can find it here: toronto.ca/planning/bathurst.htm

The PDF of the City Wide study is here: http://www1.toronto.ca/City%20Of%20Toronto/City%20Planning/Community%20Planning/Files/pdf/B/Bathurst%20Study%20Draft%20Eval%20Lrg%20Retail%20Dvmnt%20Ped%20Shopping.pdf

The PDF of the retail study for 410-446 Bathurst is here: http://www1.toronto.ca/City%20Of%20Toronto/City%20Planning/Community%20Planning/Files/pdf/B/Bathurst%20Study%20Draft%20Review%20of%20Proposed%20Retail%20Dvmnt.pdf

RioCan’s application proposal for 410-446 Bathurst St (at Nassau)
RioCan has offered a settlement for 410-446 Bathurst Street, the Kromer Radio site, where the Walmart had been proposed.

From Councillor Layton’s website: Following the very successful anti-Walmart campaign led by the community, RioCan has backed away from the Walmart in this offer and is proposing a retail space of half the size on the second floor only. The third and fourth floors proposed are office space and the ground floor retail spaces have been broken up into smaller units. Read more…

Dupont St Study

A first open community meeting introducing the Dupont St Study was held on February 10th, 2014

The City has set up a page to view information about the process of the study and further community meetings

Both the Seaton Village Residents’ Association (SVRA) and the Annex Residents’ Association (ARA) are included on the advisory panel. A more comprehensive brief of the meeting is forthcoming and will be posted on the SVRA website

Central Tech Field Improvements:

Decision was deferred at Committee of Adjustment on February 19th until March 27th. Neighbours living in Harbord Village opposing the current proposal to privatize the field have formed a petition and are looking for support

Dear Neighbours and Colleagues:   

This is the first time I have ever circulated a petition: Here’s the link: http://chn.ge/MBXr4g

I live in Harbord Village and for many reasons I strongly oppose plans by the TDSB to cover the Central Technical School playing field with a six-storey dome….

Seaton Village Lane Naming Project

Ed Janiszewski and the Lane Naming Committee have been hard at work!

The committee recently learned many more names have been approved at Council. Approved lanes so far are:

a. “Crestfallen Lane”

b. “Perly Family Lane”

c. “Belmira Fumo Lane”

d. “Mission House Lane”

e. “Sunnyview Lane”

f. “Epworth Manse Lane”

g. “Ken Lai Lane”

h. “Max Hartstone Lane”

i. “John McIntosh Lane”

j. “Tandy Murch Lane”

k. “William Oliphant Lane”

City Staff are bringing another report with more names to an upcoming meeting. More information to come!

The Toronto Star recently published an article ‘Crestfallen Lane’ may soon commemorate piece of Seaton Village history

A huge congratulations to the team for all their hard work! you can see more about the Lane Naming Project at: http://svlanes.com/index.php


The next information session “Fire Safety 101” will be happening mid March. We will update on the exact date, time and guest speakers ASAP!


VERY SAD NEWS: Rae a very  well-respected and loved member of our community and known to many as one of our local dog walkers was struck by a car crossing the lights at Dupont and Bathurst. Rae was injured ( a broken leg we know of thus far) and tragically one of her dogs was fatally struck.

PLEASE be mindful when crossing at any intersection

Councillor Vaughan’s office was apprised of this occurrence. It is our expectation that traffic studies WILL be a part of the Dupont St Study; the absence of a Traffic Study as part of the Bathurst St Study was something openly criticized.

A meeting regarding traffic in and around the neighbourhood was held this past fall with Councillor Vaughan’s office and Arshad Nazir of Transportation Services. The meeting brief and his recommendations are posted on the website. We will follow up for another meeting to discuss Traffic and Safety throughout the neighbourhood for this coming Spring. PLEASE LET US KNOW if this is something of interest to you and any key areas of concern.

A group is forming to try and do something for Rae. Please email seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com if you’d like to be a part of this or connect with the ongoing conversation of our Facebook: Seaton Village (Toronto) group page


To read Councillor Vaughan’s latest newsletter