Fire on Bathurst St at the former site of Spector’s Hardware and Plumbing Supply

Fire on Bathurst St just north of Olive Ave
As many of you have heard or have seen, 1000-2 Bathurst St was the scene of a fire Monday morning
Fire crews were called to the scene just before 5 a.m. for the two-alarm blaze, which started on the second floor. Thankfully it didn’t reach the first floor; thankfully because it is absolutely filled with paint cans and debris from Spector’s plumbing and hardware supply that was previously in operation.  
According to Cap. Mike Strapko, nearby buildings were evacuated, but the fire was contained to the abandoned building. Unfortunately, adjacent buildings have suffered significant smoke and water damage.

A body was discovered during the investigation and police are treating the death as suspicious. The victim’s sex and age have not been released.

The Office of the Fire Marshall is investigating and the file is also being considered suspicious. They are also accessing whether the building will need to be demolished.

Yes, 1000-2 Bathurst st is the site of the proposed redevelopment that the SVRA and neighbours opposed. It was twice turned down at the CofA but approved at the OMB in July, despite the valiant effort by concerned neighbours and the SVRA to convince the OMB otherwise.
The police and Fire Marshall are aware of this, and they are aware the building has for years been occupied by squatters.
Councillor Vaughan has been alerted. The SVRA hopes for future discussion of this problem, with representation from other property owners and businesses along Bathurst, to call into question a property owner’s rights and responsibilities when their property is derelict and abandoned. Police tell the SVRA that because the building was “properly” secured – i.e., boarded up, no laws were broken by the property owner so enforcement wasn’t required at the site. Enforcement happens only when it can be proven that laws are being broken – i.e., prostitution, selling narcotics, etc. The condition of the property -obvious to all in the neighbourhood – wasn’t sufficient to be considered dangerous or requiring action with or by the owner, Marvin Spector.
Here’s a little article from the Globe and Mail circa 2004:
Certainly it will be a discussion point at the Bathurst St Study meeting October 22nd.

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One response to “Fire on Bathurst St at the former site of Spector’s Hardware and Plumbing Supply

  1. seatonvillage

    City Building Inspector Samuel Choy just received the Structural Engineer’s report for the site: the owner, Marvin Spector, is to attend to remedial work with permits immediately. The clean up is to start as soon as permits are issued and is expected to be completed early next week…..Does this mean another “Children’s Storefront” saga? A vacant site, insurance woes for the neighbours that will, no doubt, take years to resolve, and with unstable buildings left in the wake of the demolition of the existing structures? Interesting that the agent redeveloping the site was pressing the casting agency to the north (which is now extensively damaged) and building owners to the south to sell. Suspicious yes. Tragic. Preventable? We are trying to find out from MLS where rights and responsibilities for property owners lies – certainly seems like bare minimum according to the law. The inspector told me the site looked secure from the pictures he saw….Seriously, pictures……

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