Park Renewal Spring and Summer 2013

Field Improvements

  • Protective fences will go up the end of May to surround the entire field area
  • The field is being excavated (the oak tree stump will remain) and the old irrigation system is being removed. 18” of (compacted) soil is being taken out
  • A new irrigation system is being installed
  • Subsurface conditions are being amended to improve the soil and address surrounding drainage problems occurring on the path, around the Bocce Ball courts and to the west of the area where water has drained onto Palmerston sidewalk causing dangerously icy conditions on the sidewalk
  • New turf is being laid. It will take time – 3-4 weeks – for the turf to establish and thrive.
  • A rock formation is being added to the berm east of the bocce courts

The field will remain off-limits until the turf is thriving, meaning the protective fences will remain around the field through to the end of August, 2013



  • New light standards are being installed around the playing field

We do apologize for the inconvenience of not having an accessible playing field/dog off-leash area this summer and thank you for your understanding and patience while our park becomes even more fantastic!

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One response to “Park Renewal Spring and Summer 2013

  1. seatonvillage

    The VSPRC will post the construction schedule ASAP! Contract for the job is being awarded right now….
    thx jennifer

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