//Fences in the Park – Next Phase of Park Renewal Begins!

Fences in the Park – Next Phase of Park Renewal Begins!

Fences were erected in the park yesterday to mark the beginning of the next phase of park renewal. Our apologies for the lack of information until now, but the actual start date was under discussion with Lomco Ltd – our contactor for this phase of construction.

Extensiveness of fence placement and site is being reviewed by City staff this afternoon – it appears the fence reaches beyond neccessary work areas.

This phase of construction will continue until the end of November and see the completion of:

  • The Art BenchI just saw it drive by on a flatbed so it will be installed this week!
  • The Stage off the pathway bisecting the park from Palmerston – Rossmore, just south of Bill Bolton Arena
  • Light boxes installed for recessed lighting feature of Art Bench
  • Addition of (3) games and (2) picnic tables and switching direction of benches along the pathway from the south side (facing Bill Bolton)
  • Regeneration of the southern transverse pathway leading from Palmerston Ave to the south east corner of Olive and Rossmore,  including regrading of the pathway and drainage improvements to surrounding area (to address the ice sheets that form on the sidewalk north of Olive Ave, along Palmerston Ave/park)
  •  (3) Benches placed “conversation-style” on this pathway to the south of the Bocce Ball Courts
  • Bocce Ball Courts reduced to 2 and remaining courts regraded and improvements made


The beloved oak tree stump will remain in the field (to be upgraded in the upcoming renewal projected for the spring/summer of 2013 – construction for this phase being organized in coming months)

QUESTIONS: please contact seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com

FYI – The PUMPKIN PATCH IS ON in the park – NOVEMBER 1st this year! Stay tuned for Ads coming soon 🙂