//SVRA Meeting Minutes December 14th, 2011

SVRA Meeting Minutes December 14th, 2011

Present: Erin Mitchell, Joan MacCallum, Andrew Ignatieff, Mark Fram, Ed Janiszewski, Jon Osmond, Arum Regenstaff, Rhoda Regenstaff and Jennifer Hunter.

Park Renewal

The renewal has been delayed owing to the complex nature of the renewal process and seasonal change. VSPRC Chair, Andrew Ignatieff, has set up a meeting with city planner, Bob Duguid, Councillor Vaughan’s office, and the team at Plant Architect Inc. to discuss the plans and a revised early spring construction schedule. Andrew has received the revised schedule. Proposed construction start date is mid April. Construction of phase 1 is anticipated to last until mid June and completing in time for the start of summer camp season/community use. Avrum wondered when the trunk of the large oak tree remaining in the park will be removed. AI will discuss at meeting with planners and architects.

NB: the remaining trunk and roots are slated for use in the renewed playground space.

ACTION: the VSPRC will meet in the New Year (mid January) to discuss the revised construction plan and details, and to coordinate an open community information meeting to re-familiarize the community with the final design plan completed in the spring of 2011 and timing for the ongoing construction happening in early spring and the summer of 2012.

Community Safety Initiative: report on incidents in and around Seaton Village arranged by Councillor Vaughan’s office

• Thursday January 12th 6:30pm @ St Alban’s Boys’ and Girls’ Club: the purpose of the meeting is to identify concerns and map a route at St Albans’, with a neighbourhood walk commencing at 6:45pm.

The walk is being held during evening hours, to allow for participation after work and to better identify potential problem areas within the neighbourhood. Of particular interest will be the laneway behind Yarmouth Rd near Christie and Clinton Streets. Constable Gord Reid will lead the walk along with Supervisor Joe Magalhaes of Municipal Licensing and Standards. It has been advised that the walk will be open to the first 15 people (with some flexibility) in order to ensure the endeavour is focused and productive.

Please RSVP Rebecca Hewitt at Councillor Vaughan’s office: rhewitt@toronto.ca

It was noted that 2 smash-and-grabs occurred in Seaton Village at 2:00pm on Saturday December 10th. While the SVRA receives community bulletins from 14 Division, we are not specifically made aware of crimes that happen in the neighbourhood. We were hoping to have improved upon partnership and communication with 14 Division after initiating several opportunities last fall and winter and making those ideas known to officers who came to speak at the SVRA meetings. The January 12th meeting being organized by Adam Vaughan’s office seems opportune to continue these discussions with PC Reid and Councillor Vaughan’s staff. PLEASE remember to call in any crimes you see or, unfortunately have been a victim of to the police. Our website has a very thorough explanation of what to do in case of an incident occurring: Safety Update_06 2011

The SVRA is continuing to develop community safety initiatives and will make them known to the neighbourhood ASAP.


Leal Rental: 555 Dupont St – application to rezone was approved by community council. To view the application on the SVRA website: http://seatonvillage.ca/2011/10/23/notice-of-public-meeting-555-dupont-st-leal-rental/

Dupont St Visioning Study: On December 5th 2011, Councillor Vaughan’s office hosted an open house at City Hall for Ryerson professor Masha Etkind’s architecture class, to present end-of-term projects examining a variety of outcomes for Dupont St from Avenue Rd (and including the area known as Designer’s Walk) to Ossington Ave.

Planning chair Mark Fram attended the presentations. Councillor Vaughan’s office will be providing a review and a follow up meeting will be scheduled in the coming months.


Outdoor rink in Vermont Square Park!?!

For some years, the idea of an outdoor rink in VSP has floated around and been the subject of discussion. This year, with the ongoing construction at Jean Sibelius Park, seemed an excellent time to make a rink happen – too bad the weather wasn’t cooperating! With the staff at Bill Bolton arena and the weather now onside, we are coordinating with park supervisor, Brian Green, to better understand the city’s policies around community-built and maintained outdoor rinks in public parks.

Please let the SVRA know if you’d like to be a part of creating and maintaining a rink in the park! Send us an email at seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com

Many thanks to Jon Osmond who volunteered to be a part of making the rink happen!

SVRA Yearly Meeting Schedule

Consideration was given to the idea of holding fewer formal meetings and supplementing the calendar with guest speakers. Currently the SVRA meets the second Wednesday of each month save July and August. A proposal was made to have quarterly meetings and 3-4 opportunities for presentations or speakers although this is not stated in the SVRA Constitution.

Upcoming Social Events

Family Day Skate Monday February 21st, 2012  Details to follow. PLUK if you’d like to assist with this event!


TCHC and sale of homes

Avrum and Rhoda Regenstaff presented a petition being circulated by MPP Rosario Marchese and others see: http://tenantsforsocialhousing.com/  (and forwarded to the SVRA membership and contact list on December 13th by the SVRA).

Avrum and Rhoda urged action against the sale of TCHC homes. One way is by the signing of a petition and or emailing the Provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs & Housing, Kathleen Wynne, who has final authority on the sale. Citizens can let her know ( minister.mah@ontario.ca)  that you oppose the forced removal of people from their communities, and that you oppose the privatization of social housing.

FYI: there are several homes in Seaton Village owned by Toronto Community Housing, and these families are a part of our community.

InfotoGo Street Signs

The mayor gave the go ahead to sidewalk “info pillars.” There are many already on city sidewalks. This is a contentious issue. The SVRA received communication from the Harbord Village Residents’ Association with regards to the HVRA board unanimously voting to 1) send letters on 3 separate issues to our Councillor and the Mayor and 2) to ask neighbouring associations to do the same.

ACTION: Links to the 3 letters attached in a Word format, along with a background document prepared by 2 HVRA members about the “Info Pillar” Astral advertising billboards that are being installed on downtown sidewalks, will be posted on the SVRA website as will alternate perspectives on the issue including links to the city’s infotogo website content.

Parks Plan Consultations

Jennifer attended one of the stakeholder sessions for the Parks Plan: a strategic five year plan that guides the acquisition, development, management and operation of Toronto’s public parkland. Stakeholders were given a presentation of the plan which was followed by round table discussions involving a series of questions. Information gathered at each table was collated and presented at the end of the meeting. Stakeholders will be sent the results and next steps.

ACTION: Jennifer will present information at soonest meeting once information is forwarded. The link with the information will be circulated to membership and posted to the website as soon as it is received.