//InfotoGo Pillars

InfotoGo Pillars

The mayor gave the go ahead to Astral’s sidewalk “info pillars.” There are many already on city sidewalks. To access the City’s website: http://www.toronto.ca/infotogo/

This is a contentious issue. The SVRA received communication from the Harbord Village Residents’ Association with regards to the HVRA board unanimously voting to 1) send letters on 3 separate issues to our Councillor and the Mayor and 2) to ask neighbouring associations to do the same.

Background document prepared by 2 HVRA members about the “Info Pillar” advertising billboards that are being installed on downtown sidewalks: 11 Info Pillar Quick Facts (2)

For alternate perspectives on the pillars you may read:

 Toronto Public Space Initiative: http://publicspaces.ca/adpillars/ to read: New Ad Pillars Impede Traffic Safety and Accessibility


SpacingToronto http://spacingtoronto.ca/2011/11/10/is-this-really-an-info-pillar/