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SVRA Meeting December 14th @ St Albans’

December 14th Meeting will be held at St Albans’ Boys and Girl’s Club

7:00 – 8:30pm


Park Renewal – the renewal has been delayed owing to the complex nature of this renewal process and seasonal change. Park renewal chair Andrew Ignatieff has set up a meeting with the city planner, Adam Vaughan’s office, Plant Architect Inc and Mopal Construction to discuss a revised early spring construction schedule.

Community Safety: report on incidents in and around Seaton Village – Thursday, January 12th @ St Alban’s Boys and Girl’s Club 6:30pm  The purpose of the meeting is to identify concerns and map a route, with the walk starting at 6:45pm.  We’ll walk around the neighbourhood (the walk will be in the evening to better identify potential problem areas, and to allow people to attend after work), and ensure we carefully look at the laneway behind Yarmouth, near Christie.  PC Gord Reid will lead the walk, along with Supervisor Joe Magalhaes of Municipal Licensing and Standards.

It has been advised that the walk will be open to the first 15 people (with some flexibility) in order to ensure the endeavour is focused and productive. Please RSVP Rebecca Hewitt at Councillor Vaughan’s office:

Other business

  • possibility for outdoor      skate rink in Vermont Square Park- SVRA and Bill Bolton partnership;
  • report on City of      Toronto Park Stakeholder sessions attended by Jennifer;
  • sidewalk “infopillars” – pros/cons – letter from the HVRA
  • SVRA yearly meeting      schedule review;
  • upcoming social events
  • other

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Seaton Village Bixi Location Just Outside KFC on Bloor!


BIXI Toronto and the city of Toronto will be relocating 17 stations and expanding one station starting November 26th. BIXI Toronto will be relocating stations to accommodate snow removal operations.

At the same time, BIXI Toronto worked closely with its partner, the city of Toronto, to study the performance of each station and decided to relocate stations with a low level of use to busier locations. The stations will be moved a little further east and west to expand the service area. The larger area will offer BIXI users more options. These relocations will allow users to benefit from a larger service area.

The station at Harter and Bay Streets moved to the northeast corner of Euclid and Bloor on Wednesday November 30th.

All the information is available on the BIXI website at

BIXI Toronto will post on Facebook every day the next day relocations. Stay tuned!

To read Globe and Mail article on Bixi’s recent expansion:

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