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Who ART Thou? at Ideas Incorporated Galley

The Opening night of Who ART Thou was a huge success! Congratulations to all the artists, and to Monica Gupta and Dawn Vrablic for organizing this extraordinary event and to Ideas Incorporated Gallery for housing it!

Who ART Thou? will take place at Ideas Incorporated Gallery, 1081 Bathurst St., today through Sunday, Nov. 20 from noon to 6 p.m. and again from Thursday, Nov. 24 through Sunday, Nov. 27th

15 Artists (from Seaton Village, Annex and Christie Pits)

8 days

over 50 pieces of original art many pieces for under $250

Ideas Incorporated Gallery 1081 Bathurst St. (south of Dupont)   Robin Gray Cathy Watson Ginny Brett Mark Tholen Oliver Heinrich John Cadiz Brett Tryon

Natasha Milijasevic

Sabrina Francescut

Kimberley White

Pam Willcocks

Pia Israelsson

Amy Rogers

Audry Kalman

Gisele Navaroli

Wendy MacMillan

contact Monica Gupta for more or 416-509-2090

From Inside Toronto:

Art show and sale brings community artists together

Art show and sale brings community artists together. Audry Kalman and 14 other artists from the Annex, Christie Pits and Seaton Village communities will showcase their goods at a special art show and sale dubbed Who ART Thou? at Ideas Incorporated Gallery. Photo/COURTESY

A group of 15 artists from the Annex, Christie Pits and Seaton Village communities will showcase their goods at a special art show and sale at Ideas Incorporated Gallery.
The show, dubbed Who ART Thou? will serve as a coming-out of sorts for several of the artists, many of whom have other jobs and work on their art in their spare time.
Who ART Thou? was conceived by local resident Monica Gupta, who had contemplated holding such an event for years.
“It’s just a bunch of people I’ve known and they all live in the area,” she said. “There are a lot of talented people here who have never shown their work in the area and this gives them a chance to do that.”
Gupta said she has often been surprised to discover one of her neighbours paints, sculpts or does other artwork in their spare time. Many, she said, had been involved with the art scene at one point, but wound up taking on more regular paying gigs and dropping out of the public eye.
Gupta noted the Annex, Christie Pits and Seaton Village communities boast a huge number of artistically-inclined people who differ from the traditionally arty crowd in that they have children, full-time jobs and other responsibilities that preclude them from pursuing their art full-time.
Who ART Thou? brings those closet artists into the limelight to exhibit their work and – in many cases – sell pieces to the public. “If you’re going to spend money on Christmas this year, why not spend it on your neighbours and get some really great one-of-a-kind things?” Gupta said.
The show will allow artists to exhibit paintings, photography, jewelry, purses, scarves, mobiles and more.
Mobile-maker Amy Rogers, a designer by trade, said Who ART Thou? will give her a chance to showcase some of her work that might not have otherwise seen the light of day. “It’s a bit of a departure because normally I’m more focused on the fine art world,” she said. “I started making them when I was working on another project, making paper lamps and I started playing around with the materials.” Rogers added she looked forward to getting together with her neighbours and seeing some of the other talent in the surrounding community.
“A lot of times, artists and designers are working on their own and they have things that are show-worthy, but don’t have enough – or the time – to put on a show,” she said. “It’s nice for us to be able to show what we’re doing and (for visitors) to see things they wouldn’t have an opportunity to see.”
Should Who ART Thou? become a success, Gupta said she could envision bringing the idea out to other communities, showcasing groups of local artists in their own neighbourhoods across the city. “Right now, I don’t know about anything else like this,” she said. “It’s all based on my connections, but it’s so transferable, it’s possible to do it in any community.”
Who ART Thou? will take place at Ideas Incorporated Gallery, 1081 Bathurst St., today through Sunday, Nov. 20 from noon to 6 p.m. and again from Thursday, Nov. 24 through Sunday, Nov. 27th

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November 2011 Updates and Community Happenings

Hi Everyone,

Our sincerest apologies for any lapses in communication and the cancellation of the November SVRA meeting. ‘Tis the flu season….

This message is intended to compensate for any information that would have been discussed at the November meeting and  included in the minutes.

Vermont Square Park renewal

Late last week, the last piece of play equipment was being approved by both Mopal construction Ltd. and Plant Architect Inc. Plant Architect is providing us a status report in the next few days to assess the opportunity to start the construction process this Fall.

Not to worry – it will happen, but the process as we all aware of is complex, and thus seemingly slow. Thanks for your ongoing patience as we move forward!

 BTW: Unidentified block of concrete pad along the north side of the park on Vermont – we noticed this over the weekend and are trying to find out details around its appearance. Neither the city nor the architects have any knowledge of its origin or purpose..


 Leal Rental : Community Council agreed with very little discussion to accept the staff report and accommodate the commercial uses the owner of Leal Rental is seeking, subject to very general conditions, and for things to go forward for site-plan review. We will post the City’s report when it is released to the SVRA

Please note: the meeting was a formality to accept the property owner’s application to convert Leal Rental to a retail location instead of building yard. First baby step….

255 Christie St proposal:

This is a friendly reminder of the upcoming City of Toronto Parks Plan stakeholder consultation sessions:

North York – November 15, 2011 (Edithvale CC – 131 Finch Ave. W)

Time: 7pm – 9 pm

Toronto East York – November 22, 2011 (St. Lawrence CC – 230 The Esplanade)

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Etobicoke York – November 28, 2011 (Etobicoke Olympium – 590 Rathburn Rd.)

Time: 7pm – 9pm

There are also 4 public meeting sessions which will be held in all districts of the City. Please see the city’s website:

Please RSVP to: or 416-338-6608. For information on the Parks Plan, visit

Thank you,

Parks Plan Project, Parks, Forestry & Recreation City of Toronto

Dupont St Planning Study

Organized by Councillors Vaughan and Layton’s offices, with the assistance of Professor Etkinds and her students in the Department of Architecture at Ryerson University, The Seaton Village Resident’s Association along with all residents’ associations from Avenue Road to Ossignton and those north and south of Dupont St were invited to participate in a visioning study of Dupont Ave (Ave Rd – Ossington) on October 11th at St Alban’s Boys and Girls’ Club.

Councillors Vaughan and Layton spoke to the rise in development applications along Dupont st and the need for guidelines in building appropriately along this corridor of the city in advance of these applications. It is believed that what is appropriate should be decided by BIA’s and RA’s keeping in mind the historical significance of buildings and sites, uses for sites (current and potential) and the values and priorities of neighbourhoods with respect to specific requirements for building owing to the CPR tracks north of Dupont.

Turnout for this first meeting was excellent with all RA’s and Councillor’s Vaughan and Layton in attendance. Unfortunately Councillor Josh Matlow was unable to attend owing to a prior committment.

We will continue to provide information as the process moves forward.

 Lane Naming Project

Ed Janieszewski reports 40 names have been confirmed and 15 remain real possibilities for the 52 laneways in Seaton Village. 9 names require permission to be considered candidates.

Ed commented that the Dupont St study might, in fact, bear some much needed research and provide further and future lane name possibilities.

The Lane Naming Project requires volunteers!  If you are interested in researching or another facet of this fun and truly interesting Seaton Village community history project,  please contact Ed Janiszewski to assist.

Harbord Village Resident’s Association (the HVRA) just completed this project in their neighbourhood! Congratulations to those involved in the project and a real inspiration to get ours furthered. Many thanks to Ed for continuing with the project here in Seaton Village.


The SVRA does not typically send out messages such as these, but given the gravity of this occurance and some letters received on Gmail, we would like to seize this opportunity to encourage all bicycle riders, drivers and pedestrians to reconsider and perhaps, take a more mindful approach to how they move through the neighbourhood.

Please give more than a condescending glance at no entry signs and stop signs. Please establish eye contact with drivers at intersections so as to proceed safely, and, take a deep breath even when really needing to get where you are going so everyone gets there safely.

Bike riders – drivers have a really hard time seeing you when you are not well lit even if the streets are. Please stop at stop signs when everyone else has…then there’s the rain.

Palmerston Ave has STOP signs, not STOPTIONAL signs along it. This is NOT the pace for 3 point turns or turnabouts at intersections…

We add this to this message as it is with great and deeply heartfelt sadness that many of us here in Seaton Village, along with others throughout the city, learned of our friend or acquaintence Jenna Morrison’s fatal collision with a truck, while riding her bike on November 7th.

Jenna became an instructor and practiced yoga at Vidya Institute. She taught many of us and our children yoga at St Alban’s, and she was a regular at the Children’s Storefront with her son Lucas. Jenna and Lucas also enjoyed the playground at Vermont Square Park throughout the spring and summer months with so many of us.

A truly Jenna-esque memorial was held at Bloor St United Church this past Monday November 14th. For those who were so graced and blessed to know Jenna, it was a beautiful evening of profound emotion and lots of pinching and hugging. She will be truly and deeply missed.

Our sincerest condolences go out to Lucas and Florian for their unbelievable loss.

If you want to send your condolences or read more about Jenna, her family have set up a memorial page!/groups/192944870785646/ on Facebook.

Fundraiser for the family at Octopus Garden November 18th:

To otherwise donate funds to Lucas’ Trust: “Donations to the trust fund established for Jenna’s five year-old son, Lucas, can be made through TD, please see below for account information:
For those with a TD account –  Account # 6372358, Branch 246, in care of Kimberlee White.
For those without a TD account –  Account # 02466372358; Institution#: 004; Transit # 02462
You may also call the TD Easy Line on 1.866.222.3456, which may be an easier option.

*** PAYPAL Account technical difficulties have been resolved. Our apologies for the inconvenience. ***

For those that prefer Paypal, the paypal account is: In Loving Memory of Jenna, email attached to it is:

This is the link to the paypal section where you can send money.

To pay with your paypal account or bank account is free.  There’s a small surcharge to pay with credit card. Thank you for your support and love. ”

BARTON: the Zig zag parking seems to be slowing traffic down – comments or thought, please give us your feedback!

SVRA POSITIONS AVAILABLE! We need a Social committee chair and Traffic Committee Chair – please send us a message if you are interested!

A few local happenings of note, and request from Olivia Chow’s office:

Who Art Thou

A community art show in November for two weekends only.  It’s an opportunity to meet artists that live in our neighbourhood from Annex, Seaton Village and Christie Pits.  It’s like a ‘come out of your art closet’ show and sale for artists who may have been out of the art scene for a few years or want to get back in or just get started.

Let’s support our community artists and buy what they enjoy doing.

Please have a look at the blog toget an idea of who’s showing what.

Opening Night Reception is on Thursday November 17th 7-9p.m. and the show runs for 8 Days Thursday-Sunday Nov 17th-20th and Nov 24th-27th.

There’s also a facebook page Who ART Thou? Please share with all your contacts and ‘like’ the page.

I really hope you can come out and and see and buy what our neighbours are making.

Monica Gupta
Art Impresario
at large

The Children’s Storefront Community Fundraising Dinner

Fri, November 18, 4pm – 7pm

Please see the website for this event and more happenings!:

Toronto Opera Repertoire preview-November 27, 2011

Toronto Opera Repertoire would like to invite you, your family and residence of Christie Pits Park to attend a preview of our upcoming performances in February 2012 at the Bickford Centre. This preview is to beheld on November 27 2011 (Sunday) at the Columbus Centre from 3:00-5:00pm, direction is detailed on the attached postcards: TOR_fundraiser_front_6x4,  TOR_fundraiser_back_6x4  Admission is free, but donation is graciously appreciated. Light refreshment will be served after the performances.

We look forward to seeing you all to share an afternoon of beautiful singing and social gathering with us.

Sandra Tang, Treasurer of the Board

Celebrate your Local Hero with 90,000 Neighbours

Dear Seaton Village Residents’ Association,

Do you know of someone who has made a difference in your community? If yes, send us a photo, accompanied by two lines that describe the great work in she/he does in your neighbourhood. The deadline for submission: Thursday November 24, 2011.

Please email to <a href=”<>.   For additional questions, you can contact the office at 416-533-2710.

Selected local heroes will be featured in our one-of-a-kind 2012 calendar, distributed to 90,000 downtown residents!


Susan Kwong

Constituency Assistant/Assistante de la Députée
Olivia Chow, MP/Députée
144 Augusta Avenue, Toronto ON, M5T 2L5
Phone: 416-533-2710   Fax: 416-533-2236

Thanks Everyone – any questions or concerns please reply to this message:

All the best,

Jennifer (Hunter)

Chair, Seaton Village Residents’ Association

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please see the attached picture:  hit and run November 10 2011

On November 10th, we came to our parked car on Rossmore St (at Vermont near Bill Bolton arena) and found our car like this. Someone destroyed our car and left without a note or anything. With a hit and run, there is nothing much that can be done it seems. We are out a car that was in great condition, with absolutely zero recourse.

If you have any information at all that may help us find who did this, we would be greatly appreciative. One neighbour has already offered that she believes she heard a large bang/crash outside her window, followed by voices discussing it- at
approximately 1 am on November 10th.  Also, judging by the fragments on the ground and paint left on our car, the other vehicle may have been White with black trim?  Please contact us with any information @ 416-564-9889 or by email

Thank you!

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‘Tis the Season to Glean: wish list and cover art for the Annex Gleaner

Hi everyone,

We were hoping you could help us spread the word on a couple of things we do every December here at the Gleaner: holiday-themed  covers and an Annex-centric wishlist.

Every holiday edition, the Gleaner features community and holiday-themed artwork on our December covers. We are currently looking for submissions reflecting this theme.In the past, the covers have generally been traditional interpretations of this theme—snowy Annex streetscapes, snowmen and Santa Claus–but we are open to any and all images reflecting the theme of holiday and community. Photos, painting, collage, mixed-media, comics, drawings etc. are all welcome. We need one for our Annex edition and one for our Liberty edition. Bonus points for local artists or the art is neighbourhood-centric.

And wishes:

-We are seeking an infinite number of wishes. They can be whimsical or practical. They can be personal, political, or community related. Past wishes have included everything from “I wish there was a hot dog stand in the Annex,” to resurrecting a beloved tree that was cut down, to Rob Ford looking his best in a Speedo, to a park revitalization.
-While we want world peace just as much as everyone else, please try and keep your wishes local.
-Wishes must be between one and 250 words. Visual interpretations of wishes are also welcome.

Please submit your wishlist by November 18 at the stroke of midnight. Please include your name, and either your professional title or the street that you live on . We reserve the right to edit wishes for space, spelling and grammar. Artwork must be received no later than November 21.

We really hope you all can take part! Please share with your friends, neighbours, and members of your organization!


Thanks a bunch,



Emina Gamulin
Gleaner Community Press

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November SVRA meeting tonight cancelled

Our apologies, but we need to cancel this evening’s meeting. We will follow up with a lengthy post to the website and detailed message to our membership/contact list this week.

All the best,
the SVRA

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