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Pumpkin Patch November 1st

YEA! Its that time again…!

We would very much appreciate it if pumpkins could come loaded with a tealight upon arrival – and we can continue to set them aglow throughout the afternoon and evening.

PLEASE BYOM – bring your own mug for a DELICIOUS and cozy cup of hot chocolate and or apple cider available after 5pm

Membership forms will be available on site for those looking to join the SVRA!

Donations to the SVRA are, as always, greatly appreciated :)

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Notice of Public Meeting: 555 Dupont St – Leal Rental

Request to Amend the Zoning By-law Application No.: 10 176037 STE 20OZ

Applicant: Sorenson Gravely Lowes Planning Associates Inc. Ming Lau

Location of Application: 555 Dupont St.

Date: Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Time: 10:00am or as soon as possible thereafter

Place: Committee Room 1, 2nd Floor, City Hall 100 Queen St. W.


The Application to amend the Zoning By-law proposes to expand the neighbourhood-serving commercial usues permitted at 555 Dupont St.. The list includes and number of retail, service, restaurant and office uses to be located in the floor space of the existing one story building with additional size restrictions on the restaurant uses.

Purpose of Public Meeting

You are invited to attend the public meeting to make your views known regarding the proposal. To assist in scheduling, if you wish to address the Toronto and East York Community Council, please notify the City Clerk, Attention: Rosalind Dyers, Administrator, Toronto and East York Community Council, at (416) 392-7033, by no later than Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If you wish to submit written comments, please forward them to the City Clerk, Attention: Rosalind Dyers, Toronto and East York Community Council, Toronto City Hall, 2nd Floor West, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2N2, or by Fax: (416) 393-0111 or by email to

The Toronto and East York Community Council will review the proposal and any other material placed before it, in order to make recommendations on the applicant. These recommendations will then be forwarded to Toronto East York City Council for its consideration.

To view the full notice and background information including information gathered at the April 11th, 2011 Public Meeting held at Walmer Rd Baptist Church: 555 Dupont St Community Consultation Meeting  AND: 555 Dupont St Zoning Amendment Application Final Report

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Backyard Tree Project June 2011

   Restoring Seaton Village’s tree canopy one backyard at a time!

On June 25th, we successfully delivered and, with our volunteers and enthusiastic home owners, planted over 20 new trees in backyards throughout the neighbourhood!

Serviceberries, black locusts, white cedars, red oaks, burl oaks and even a redbud have made their way into Seaton Village!

A huge thank you to our volunteers – Allison Laux of the Green Seaton Committee and Amanda McConnell of the Annex Resident’s Assocation and really awesome Seaton Villagers for making this happen.

The SVRA would like to extend its gratitude to the Harbord Village Residents’ Association for extending this Back Yard Tree Program grant to us. Thanks Tim Grant!

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Community Updates and SVRA meeting Thursday October 13th


We have been informed that Mopal Construction Ltd has been awarded the contract for the park renewal. Adam Vaughan’s office, Sr Project Coordinator Bob Duguid, and Plant Architect Inc are currently negociating the construction schedule with Mopal who will be in the park completing preliminary site surveys over the next 2 weeks. Projected start date is the end of October.

Of Note: Construction vehicles will access the work area from thenorth-east corner of the park, off Rossmore, immediately south of the mainentrance to Bill Bolton Arena. The entire access route and construction area will be hoarded off for public safety. People may still enter the west door to the arena from the north side of the wading pool area, but not from the south side of the playground. Bill Bolton’s main entrance will not be blocked due to park construction activities.

Every effort will be made to substantially complete work by the end of this year, however poor weather and/or early winter conditions may require completion in 2012. Whether or not areas of the playground may be accessible to the community, and potentially usable, over winter will depend on construction progress and will be reviewed at the appropriate time.

On site signage indicating the area of work andaccess routes will be posted to the site/in the park prior to the start of construction.

Plans and the construction schedule will be posted to the Seaton Village Residents’ Association website before the end of the month and in advance of construction start. YEA!

Many thanks to Adam Vaughan and staff, Bob Duguid and Plant Architect Inc. for getting us, so smoothly and quickly, to this very exciting juncture!

Playing Field/Dog off leash at Vermont Park:

We realize the central grassy area where people and dogs play suffers from poor drainage. Puddles formed resulting in some pretty sizeable potholes. The drainage problem will be addresses in our park renewal; however, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could dogs be discouraged from making these holes bigger by digging. The holes pose considerable safety concerns – both daytime and nightime use of the park.

I have requested the Parks Department attend to filling the holes and packing them asap so noone gets hurt and dogs can continue to happily frolic.

ENBRIDGE GAS and sidewalk replacements

Thanks to area residents for their ongoing patience as these necessary utility and sidewalk upgrades were completed.

It has been a time for repeated counting to 10 as area residents have had to find parking alternatives, negociate acess to homes or area services or just walk throughout the neighbourhood! We empathise with those who have endured frustrating consequences to their property as a result of the construction.


Enbridge/Link Lane have confirmed that Follis Ave west to Palmerston signals the last street requiring utility upgrades/service cuts known as “relays”, and this work will be completed by week’s end.

***The sidewalk disrepair at the west corner of Palmerston just north of Follis is being treated by the city and will receive an immediate asphalt patch to cover the current gravel covering.

Barton Street Traffic Update:

The zig zag parking scheme and street signage was set in place by Transportation Services September 15th.

PUMPKIN PATCH: November 1st 2011  VOLUNTEERS and, of course, pumpkins required!


Thursday October 13th 7:00 – 8:30pm St Albans’ library (2nd floor)

**** Please note day change!


Vermont Square ParkRenewal Update

  • Playground Committee: update regardingDennis Lee Playground and fundraiser puppet show
  • Planning Committee: summary of Dupont St“visioning”/planning meeting with Adam Vaughan
  • Lane naming Project: update by Ed Janiszewski
  • Social Committee: Pumpkin Patch November 1st, 2011 – plans to reflect park renewal + ideas for winter events
  • Backyard Tree Planting Project: completedJune 2011
  • Outposts – locations to be reviewed and approved
  • Other business

We need a Traffic Committee chair! Anyone up to the challenge, please let us know at the meeting or, via email!

Happy Fall and, all the best,

Jennifer Hunter

Chair SVRA

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