//Enbridge Gas Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Project in Seaton Village

Enbridge Gas Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Project in Seaton Village

Enbridge is completing the replacement of cast iron mains, and Seaton Village is having mains replaced this June, as you’ve noticed.  Attached is a map 2011 Enbridge Work in Seaton Village  so you can see which streets are being done (orange is Enbridge work) – one street takes about a week to replace. There are several steps involved in the replacement process…it isn’t too pretty. Link-Line has been contracted by Enbridge to do the work. They have sawed lines  and dug along the sidewalks of Olive Ave East of Palmerston and up Plamerston Ave from Follis.

We are trying to find out the process around street closures and the timing of the project to better inform the neighbourhood.

 As a bit of background, Cast Iron mains contribute to over 80% of leaks, and the replacement is required to ensure safety and reliability of the system.  It also allows Enbridge to install regulators and replacement meters on the outside of buildings for added safety. 

 Helpful contacts to have on hand:

  • Concerns about installations: Mr. Lawrence Cassell at 416 676-6833.  
  • The Enbridge inspector assigned to the job is Mr. Jim Gibbons 416 753 7493. 
  • Gas meter and light up questions: Lakeside Gas at 905 790-0861 (Mon-Fri, 8am to 10pm)
  • After hours – Enbridge Dispatch at 1-800-461-4444

All work should is scheduled to be completed by the end of the month, weather permitting.

 There has been some concern about coordination of construction – sidewalks that were recently replaced being torn up days afterward.  I have raised this concern with Councillor Vaughan’s staff who then brought these concerns to City Staff to see if they can work with Utility companies to better coordinate work in the future.

We will continue to update the website with any petinent information as quickly as we get it and how, if at all, this might impact the start of the park renewal effort.

Sorry everyone…