//SVRA Meeting Minutes April 13th 2011

SVRA Meeting Minutes April 13th 2011

Present: Jennifer Hunter (Chair), Roxane O’Brien (Social Committee chair), Erin Mitchell and Beatrice van Djik (Playground Committee co-chairs), Mark Fram (Planning Committee chair), Joan MacCallum (Treasurer), Rebecca Hewitt (Adam Vaughan Constituency Assistant), Ed Janisewzki, Jon Osmond, Sandra Iksandar, Sharon Earn, Luke Wintjes, Allison Laux, Linda Read and Amy McKay

Lane Naming Project

Ed Janisewszki gave an update on the lane naming project. He noted he has received several letters from area residents expressing interest in the project by submitting potential names for specific laneways or looking to volunteer.

A concern was raised over increasing signage – that the signs marking laneways may be misinterpreted as road signs causing confusion and traffic problems throughout the area, and whether we might be able to procure lane specific signage.

Action: Ed will include this item in his research.

Backyard Tree Project

Thanks to some funds made available from the Harbord Village Residents’ Association, who received a grant for backyard trees from the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, we are now offering trees to Seaton Village Residents.

Question: how long will they be available?

Jennifer received some information from Tim Grant of the HVRA, including a list of the trees ordered and by whom, but as of yet there isn’t any organization or person overseeing and coordinating the project. We know how much money is available, however, we are also unaware what other RA’s aside from the Christie Pits RA, will be taking advantage of the program. So, we will advertise the project and if area residents are interested, then hopefully we can move forward getting trees for backyards….Jennifer stated she was unable to take on the entire project from the HVRA. No one present at the SVRA meeting volunteered to head the project.

If you are interested in planting a tree in your backyard or volunteering with this project, please send us a message at seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com  and we will assist you with getting one.

Sharon Earn raised serious concerns over the recent pruning of area trees by The Davey Tree Expert Company. She specifically cited trees pruned on Clinton St in between Follis and Yarmouth Gardens.

A discussion of the activity throughout the neighbourhood and in the park ensued with many commenting on which trees have been seemingly over-pruned and how, and the lack of rationale for doing so. Linda commented on the state of our forest in Seaton Village and the need to and benefits of beginning the replacement of our forest.

Luke Wintjes proposed the SVRA create a distinct committee for the greening (trees, plants etc) of Seaton Village. The motion was passed.

Linda Read volunteered to be the point person for “Green Seaton.” Allison Laux also volunteered to be on this committee.


  • Linda and Allison to survey neighbourhood for work done and damages and report back specific  instances of unnecessary over-pruning to Rebecca Hewitt, Adam Vaughan’s Constituency Assistant.
  • Rebecca Hewitt to  inquire about the work done with Forestry Dept. and contact Tree Protection Services to investigate
  • Jennifer Hunter to create dedicated page for “Green Seaton” on the website and have draft approved by Linda/Allison before posting. Please see: http://seatonvillage.ca/greening-seaton-village/

Yarmouth Gardens and Christie Streets development: Large, protected tree cut down.

Jennifer had contacted Adam Vaughan’s office about the sudden removal of the tree late March 2011. Rebecca Hewitt made the inquiry with planning. Luke Wintjes confirmed the tree was seriously unwell and so removal of it was permitted.

All Federal Candidates Forum at Trinity St Pauls’ Church Wednesday April 20th

The SVRA will be one of the co-sponsors of the event.  Jennifer will submit a question to the candidates.

Jennifer made a request for ideas for questions/questions. Jennifer has sent the request out already via gmail to the SVRA membership/contact list and requested submissions from the SVRA executive.

Park Renewal

The VSPRC has concluded the current stage of its work with a meeting with PLANT Architects and the City Parks and Rec representative to give final approval to the design drawings for the Vermont Park renewal process. What was approved at our most recent meeting Thursday April 14th 2011, are the final architects’ drawings which will now enable the City Parks& Rec Department to take the project to tender, encouraging competitive bids from different firms. PLANT Architects provided the drawings and a summary of their fine tuning and consultations regarding the park renewal designs; there are no significant nor substantive changes to the designs already and approved by the VSPRC. The fine tuning was largely in the area of enhancement and positioning of the playground equipment, the result of a final consultation with the Playground Committee. The tendering process should now be accelerated so that construction can begin in mid to late June with the closure of the playground and the construction of protective barriers around the trees, which are the essential feature of our park. As previously indicated on the website, the playground and wading pool may well be closed for July and August, so as to ensure that it is open and accessible in September, so that we can all enjoy our renewed playground. The timing for construction, however, largely depends on finessing some final details and the tendering process. We will ensure regular updates ARE provided around construction start time.

Vermont Square Playground: request to name the playground “The Dennis Lee playground”

Co-chairs of the playground committee Beatrice van Dijk and Erin Mitchell proposed an initiative for the naming of the Vermont Square Playground in honour of long time area resident and children’s poet and author Dennis Lee. Mr Lee has given his approval for the project.

Action: Beatrice and Erin to create a brief for the website and for circulation.

There is some concern from Mr. Lee regarding future holds on the use of his name – the SVRA was asked to waive future holds on the name of Dennis Lee.  Linda Read moved to respect Mr. Lee’s request. Motion passed by Jennifer.  Beatrice to formalize this in writing for presentation to The City of Toronto with the proposal.

Details of this exciting venture to follow!!!!


The City hosted a community Consultation meeting was held Monday April 11th at Walmer Rd Baptist Church.

Present were Ward 20 Adam Vaughan, senior City Planner (Midtown Section) Barry Brooks and the Planner representing Leal Rental, Ming Lau of Sorensen Gravely Lowes Planning Associates.

Jennifer Hunter (SVRA Chair) and Mark Fram (Chair, Planning committee) were present.

There were aproximately 20 people in attendance, including members of the Annex Residents’ Association and Seaton Village residents.

Barry Brooks and Ming Lau presented several options through a power point presentation for the building which will undergo a cosmetic improvements to the structure and to the site, and provided reassurrance those in attendance that the building will remail its current size. The building will be divided in to several distinct retail opportunities. We were provided a list of acceptable businesses that could be considered as tenants for the space, including food and beverage providers.While there will continue to be community input throughout the process, and Adam Vaughan has pledged to stay on top of the project representing the community’s interests, the community does not get to select the businesses for the location.

There will be parking on site.

Traffic concerns, including the impact of left turns to the site and the potential for cut through traffic from the lane ways around the site will be considered by City’s transportation services.

Jennifer inquired

  1. whether residents will have an opportunity to weigh in on the aesthetic make over of the site? Answer: to a degree – community consultaion will continue, especially under the watchful eyes of the SVRA, neighbours and Adam Vaughan.
  2. whether the shared lane ways would see improvements and also get a make over (maintenence, garbage and weed removal, repaving). The planner and Adam Vaughn said this was unlikely.
  3. whether we might see any financial benefit from section 37 money allocated to the area parks or playground. Answer: No, the project is not of the magnitude where this would be required.

Stay tuned!

Communication: Outposts

In an attempt to 1) maximize our ability to effectively deliver messages to the community beyond the website and through email messaging, and 2) maintain our green values while communicating information, the executive considered the idea of specific “outposts” throughout Seaton Village.

  • Mark Fram discovered a map detailing all hydro and other poles throughout the neighbourhood.
  • Specific buildings/businesses/community gathering spots were selected as “outposts” for message display.

At the SVRA meeting, the map was circulated and distinct poles were selected for postering SVRA messages. Distribution pending approval.

Considered: are the poles owned by Toronto Hydro and if so, is it possible to request a post? Poster near subways.

Action: Jennifer to follow up with Rebecca Hewitt at Councillor Vaughan’s office

The following were identified as message “outposts”: St Alban’s Boys and Girls Club (843 Palmerston Avenue), Palmerston Public School (734 Palmerston Ave) and The Palmerston Community Day Care, The Palmerston branch of the TPL (560 Palmerston Ave), Karma Coop (739 Palmerston Ave), Fiesta Farms, Loblaws (Dupont and Christie) as well as local area businesses who volunteer to advertise for the SVRA by posting notices in their businesses.The Beer Store was mentioned as a highly frequented location…

Should we inquire with the Palmerston Market Store about installing a SVRA maibox on the exterior of the building?

Action: Jennifer to inquire with store owners.

Upcoming Social Events:

  1. Spring Clean up in Vermont Square Park and Playground Saturday April 16th: pancakes, coffee and baked goods to be supplied by Grapefruit Moon, Scoop and Bean and Rapido/Santa Guida Fine Foods.
  2. EGGStraveganza! Fun and fundraiser In the Playground Saturday April 23rd 2:00 – 4:00 partnering with Madeleines, Cherry Pie and Ice Cream, Gussied Up (14 +) and Stubbe Chocolates. Raindate Monday April 25th 1-3pm
  3. Community- Wide Yard Sale May 14th (this Is the same date as the Plant Sale)

Action: Jennifer and Roxane to create postering for each event.  Ad for Gleaner required to advertise the Yard Sale.

The Annual General Meeting of the Seaton Village Residents’ Association will be Wednesday May 11th from 7:00 until 8:20pm at the Palmerston Library 560 Palmerston Ave

Please note we have the library reserved until 8:30 sharp, at which point we are required to vacate the building (or risk being turned back into mice)

Up for election are the following positions on the SVRA executive: Chair, Vice Chair and Tresurer/Secretary. Voting will be done by secret ballot.

Agenda to follow the week of April 25th – 29th