//Councillor Adam Vaughan’s Barton Ave Traffic Meeting March 1, 2011

Councillor Adam Vaughan’s Barton Ave Traffic Meeting March 1, 2011

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Sorry for the delay in a summary of the meeting and thanks for your patience.

Here is the summary of Councillor Vaughan’s recent Barton Ave traffic meeting prepared by Traffic Committee Chair, Jenny Foster:

1 March 2011 community meeting with Adam Vaughan  Barton Avenue safety

 The meeting was organized by Councillor Vaughan’s office, and was attended by about 45 community members.  At the outset of the meeting, Councillor Vaughan clearly stated that the topic of discussion was limited to a proposal for mid-block staggered parking along Barton Avenue, from Christie to Bathurst Streets.  Other neighborhood traffic concerns could be discussed at another meeting. 

 Councillor Vaughan provided an overview of events leading up to the current proposal, including previous attempts at improving traffic safety (these can also be reviewed in the traffic section of the SVRA website).  A diagram of the proposed parking amendment was presented, and an open discussion followed.  A range of views on the desirability of staggered parking was voiced.  Some of the key discussion points included:

–                      a report prepared by the Director of Transportation Services

–                      reduced parking along Barton

–                      possible effect on adjoining streets

–                      ability of emergency services vehicles to access the neighborhood in a timely manner

–                      a plan for monitoring the impact of staggered parking and review its effectiveness in one year’s time

 After approximately two hours, Councillor Vaughan concluded that the majority of community members present were in clearly favour of the proposed plan for a trial period of one year.  Based on this support from the community, Councillor Vaughan pledged to bring the proposed amendment to the 22 March 2011 meeting of Toronto and East York Community Council.