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Councillor Adam Vaughan’s Barton Ave Traffic Meeting March 1, 2011

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Sorry for the delay in a summary of the meeting and thanks for your patience.

Here is the summary of Councillor Vaughan’s recent Barton Ave traffic meeting prepared by Traffic Committee Chair, Jenny Foster:

1 March 2011 community meeting with Adam Vaughan  Barton Avenue safety

 The meeting was organized by Councillor Vaughan’s office, and was attended by about 45 community members.  At the outset of the meeting, Councillor Vaughan clearly stated that the topic of discussion was limited to a proposal for mid-block staggered parking along Barton Avenue, from Christie to Bathurst Streets.  Other neighborhood traffic concerns could be discussed at another meeting. 

 Councillor Vaughan provided an overview of events leading up to the current proposal, including previous attempts at improving traffic safety (these can also be reviewed in the traffic section of the SVRA website).  A diagram of the proposed parking amendment was presented, and an open discussion followed.  A range of views on the desirability of staggered parking was voiced.  Some of the key discussion points included:

–                      a report prepared by the Director of Transportation Services

–                      reduced parking along Barton

–                      possible effect on adjoining streets

–                      ability of emergency services vehicles to access the neighborhood in a timely manner

–                      a plan for monitoring the impact of staggered parking and review its effectiveness in one year’s time

 After approximately two hours, Councillor Vaughan concluded that the majority of community members present were in clearly favour of the proposed plan for a trial period of one year.  Based on this support from the community, Councillor Vaughan pledged to bring the proposed amendment to the 22 March 2011 meeting of Toronto and East York Community Council.

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SVRA Meeting February 9th 2011

Present: Jennifer Hunter (Chair SVRA), Roxane O’Brien (Chair Social Committee), Beatrice Van Djik (Co-Chair Playground Committee), Jenny Foster (Chair Traffic Committee), Ed Janiszewski, Jon Osmond, Claudia Osmond, Jeffrey Wagner

Guest Speaker: Ed Janiszewski  “Seaton Village Lane Naming Project” 

Ed spoke to those in attendance about the City of Toronto’s Street naming policy adopted in 2000, aspects of Seaton Village’s history, its diversity and the variety of business and architecture in Seaton Village,  and the process of naming lanes within Toronto. Ed alluded to 2 successful ventures in Cabbagetown and Harbord Village.

The project will require

  1. An inventory of neighbourhood lanes (52 in total)
  2. A significant amount of research of Seaton Village history, culture and diversity, and notable people in order to determine relevant considerations for each laneway name
  3. Website and Facebook maintenance
  4. Creation of a questionnaire to be made available to SV residents along with information gathering and organizing
  5. VOLUNTEERS!!!   

verve need you

Jenny Foster, Traffic Committee chair asked whether there was previous experience with an increase in laneway “cut through” traffic owing to laneways being marked with street signs.

Ed was asked to comment on the potential cost of the project and who is responsible for those costs, including the City’s role in the process.


  • Ed to confer with Doug McTaggart of Cabbagetown Lane Naming project and the SVRA to find out about the impact of cut through traffic and cost loads/sharing. Ed did comment that the City pays for signage and installation, but noted there are other costs to consider. He learned that Cabbagetown submitted all costs to the City accompanied by very thorough and carefully prepared application package. It was suggested we do the same.

It was noted the process be transparent, accessible and accountable.

ACTION: Jennifer offered use of the Seaton Village Resident’s Association website and gmail account to post and get information out to the comunity, and to promote and gather support for the project.

ACTION: Ed to create an Ad (including map of area laneways) to send out from the Gmail account and to post on to the website and Facebook account.

Please see “Seaton Village Lane naming Project” post for further information.


Barton Ave Traffic Update

Adam Vaughan to host Barton Ave Traffic meeting March 1st 7:00pm at Palmerston Library

Summary of history:

1) 13 years ago a traffic plan (our current maze of one way streets) was adopted for Seaton Village in reaction to the introduction of Loblaws to the neighbourhood. The idea was to discourage the anticipated extra traffic from Loblaws from using the side streets within Seaton Village

2) Barton Ave is the sole collector street north of College street. A recent City survey suggested Barton St. currently accommodates 3500 cars daily which is 10 times greater than any other street in the neighbourhood. Barton is also designated as a bike lane. This means a significant amount of pressure for Barton Ave – speed and volume as well as the “temperature” of traffic have been identified as problematic by the neighbourhood. Furthermore, enrollment at Palmerston school has increased significantly over the past few years and that includes students being bussed in from other areas of the City. There are 3 schools along Barton (Lowther) Street from Shaw to Huron as well as schools placed less than a block north of Barton Street (for example ICS, Huron).

Local residents formed to voice their concerns about Barton Ave traffic 3 years ago, and they approached the SVRA for support. Conversations and problem-solving strategy sessions involving Barton Ave and concerned Seaton Village residents, the SVRA and Councillor Vaughan took place.

In late 2009, a no left turn from 7am – 7pm was suggested by Adam Vaughan. The idea met with a significant amount of resistance and emotion by the community although the recomendation was passed by the City. So, in February 2010 Adam Vaughan hosted a meeting in cooperation with the SVRA to create conversation and discuss potential solutions to the challenges posed by the quality, quantity and temperature of traffic on Barton Ave.


  1.   Adam suggested the no left turn from 7am – 7pm be imposed for a year to study the effect of the turn on traffic (patterns and volume). This was discussed along with alternate solutions, however, the community clearly rejected the idea of a no left turn for any duration and at any time of the day owing to concerns over access to homes and garages. Barton again under study by City Transportation Services;
  2. Adam Vaughan organized a walk through the neighbourhood with Gil Penalosa (–bio-gil-penalosa ) of 8-80 Cities  to discuss alternate strategies for calming traffic and creating more harmonious and safer roads;
  3. the SVRA, Palmerston School and Palmerston Day Care resolve to continue to work in cooperation with Councillor Vaughan and staff to develop strategies and enhance communication encouraging awareness of the issue and more mindful ways of getting through the neighbourhood.

January 2011: study completed by City.  The staff report and recommendations can be viewed online at

Barton Ave traffic challenges have been flagged as a priority concern for Councillor Vaughan.  He has, therefore, once again organized an open community meeting  March 1, 2011 7:00 pm at Palmerston Public Library

Please note: This meeting is being organized by Adam Vaughan.  Notice will be sent out to those who provided their contact information at the 2010 meeting and  to those on both the AV and SVRA contact lists.

The intention of this meeting is to discuss the Transportation Services Study findings, Adam Vaughan/staff recommendations and find a fair and collaborative response to this very challenging situation with the residents of Seaton Village.


  1. AV staff to report back to Jenny Foster and SVRA once the results come back from March 22nd Community Council meeting
  2. JH to post information to website and send out to contact list once information is released by Councillor Vaughan and staff. JH to keep in communication with Rebecca Hewitt at Adam Vaughan’s office.


Seaton Village Family Skate – Monday February 21st! 2:00 – 4:00 at Bill Bolton Arena.   Bring your own mug for hot chocolate courtesy of the SVRA.

  • the Family skate is to serve as a fun community outreach event to expand membership and contact base
  • fundraiser
  • to promote awareness about membership to the SVRA and update community about the park renewal process.

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Jane Beecroft to speak at March 9th SVRA Meeting

The Seaton Village Residents’ Association is very pleased to welcome noted Toronto historian Jane Beecroft of the Toronto Historical Board, the Community History Project and The Toll Keepers’ Cottage to Wednesday’s SVRA meeting.

Jane will speak to Seaton Village’s history and significance in the city of Toronto’s history, and provide information on proposed developments to Royal St. Georges’ College in the Annex. This is a project that has great significance on urban Toronto neighbourhoods including Seaton Village.

Last month, Ed Janiszewski spoke to us about a lane naming project for Seaton Village. Ed touched on many aspects of Seaton Village’s historical significance to generate discussion on how we might approach our lane naming. More information on Ed’s talk coming very soon!

We look forward to seeing as many area residents as possible!

Meeting Details: Wednesday March 9th 7:00 – 9:00pm upstairs in the library at St. Albans’ Boys and Girls’ Club


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Environmental Film Festival Series at Central Technical School!


Lights, Camera, Environmental ACTION! March 9 & 10

Central Technical School is pleased and proud to be among the select schools chosen to host the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) and Planet in Focus (PIF) Environmental Film Festival Series! This year’s festival will take place on March 9th & 10th in the Central Technical School Auditorium (entrance from Harbord Street).

March 10th Evening Program

Join the launch of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation and Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival Series at Central Technical School! With a FREE screening of Chemerical by Andrew Nisker.

For more information, please view this flyer (pdf).

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