//Adam Vaughan to host Barton Ave Traffic Meeting March 1st 2011

Adam Vaughan to host Barton Ave Traffic Meeting March 1st 2011

The Seaton Village Residents’ Association encourages all local residents to attend a meeting organized by Councillor Adam Vaughan to discuss traffic on Barton Avenue

 The meeting will take place on Tuesday March 1st  at 7 pm in the Palmerston Library basement.

This meeting follows a series of focused discussions about strategies for improving safety along Barton Avenue, between Christie Street and Bathurst Street.  Over the past three years, local residents and the SVRA have worked cooperatively with Councillor Vaughan to explore a variety of approaches to enhanced safety, including changes to the traffic management plan and traffic calming measures.  Traffic studies reveal that over 3500 vehicles utilize Barton daily.  Key concerns are cut-through traffic, speed and volume.  The road was designated as a relatively narrow (7.3 meters) “collector road” in the last comprehensive traffic plan completed over a decade ago.  Enrolment at Palmerston Avenue Public School has increased significantly since the current traffic management plan was established, and the school has also raised concerns about the local traffic pattern.

 In 2009 a by-law was approved restricting southbound left hand turns from Christie Street onto Barton.  In the days after the new signs were installed, numerous residents from streets in the area complained and Councilor Vaughan sought further community consultation and subsequent suspension of the turn restriction pending review.  Most recently, a study of traffic calming measures was prepared by the Director of Transportation Services Toronto and East York District. The staff report and recommendations can be viewed online at http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2011.TE4.56.

 The purpose of the 1 March meeting is for Councillor Vaughan to gather input on this issue and the recommendations of the report.  Please review the report in advance of the meeting, and rsvp to Rebecca Hewitt of Councilor Vaughan’s office (email rhewitt@toronto.ca or call 416 392-4044).

 PLEASE NOTE: Local residents have also reported traffic volume and safety problems on other Seaton Village streets, such as Palmerston north of Barton and Rossmore Road.  While these are certainly also important concerns, this meeting will focus specifically on Barton Avenue and the 25 January 2011 Transportation Services report.

The SVRA will provide opportunities to consider all other traffic related issues in the very near future. Date to be decided. If you have other traffic-related concerns  please email the SVRA @ seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com

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