//SVRA Meeting January 12th 2011

SVRA Meeting January 12th 2011

Happy New Year Seaton Village!

The SVRA held its first meeting of 2011 on Wednesday January 12 at St. Alban’s, after a bit of a breather over the holidays.

14 Divisions’ PC Mike Murphy came to follow up with us about the Crime situation that was plaguing Seaton Village throughout the fall.

While the number of home and automobile B&Es have declined significantly, there have been reports of homes continuing to be broken into via a rear entry point, and articles such as keys, laptops and those easily converted to cash, like jewelry have been taken. Area cars continue to be targeted. Most of the crime in our Zone (3) of 14 Division has been commercial “smash and grab”  and 3 significant arrests have been made relating to these crimes.

 VIGILANCE is so important!

So is calling it in – reporting enables the police to link and reference crimes. Reporting can result in an officer attending the crime scene and filing a report. An occurrence number will be generated that will correspond to the report. The police use a program called KIPS  in case of arrest that operates using and relies on the information gathered from the reports that are filed. It is all interdependent. So CALL IT IN – no matter how large or small the crime.

PC Murphy advised us that should a victim of a crime want a copy of the police report they must go to headquarters (with their occurrence number) to request this in person and a service fee is required. He informed us insurance companies typically pursue this and absorb the fee.

14 Division has increased the number of plain clothes officers patrolling the neighbourhood and walking the laneways.

ACTION: The SVRA is initiating a Neighbourhood Watch program. We are also looking into a number of fun community events partnering with area business and BIA’s, St. Albans’ Boys and Girls’ Club and our neighbours to the west Christie Pits Resident’s Association. More details to come soon!

Please email us at seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com if you’d like to be a part of this!

To read Safety Chair John Trenholme’s safety brief that includes police call numbers and procedure to reporting a crime please read: Community Awareness Document_draft1

Park Renewal Update: The Vermont Square Park renewal team chair Andrew Ignatieff has prepared this report to update the community of the park renewal process. To read the report: Vermont Square Park renewal update January 2011

Some Palmerston Ave residents have concerns with placing game tables and a paved pathway in front of St. Albans considering this will simply lead to further challenges with noise and teens from St. Albans’ lingering after evening programming at the club is done.

The matter was discussed with 2 members of the VSPRC who were in attendance. 


  • This will be brought to the attention of Andrew Ignatieff, VSPRC Chair;
  • The group of concerned Vermont Ave resident’s will create a letter stating their postion and possible alternative locations for the games tables to be submitted to the SVRA/VSPRC;
  • The group is going to explore whether availabe WiFi outside of St. Albans’ might be a part of the problem;
  • Jennifer will continue to build relations and improve communication with St. Albans’
  • PC Murphy suggested noise complaints be called in to 14 Division.

Fort York Visitor Centre letter of support: The Harbord Village Residents’ Association has requested we support the City of Toronto’s request to the province asking them to make $5 million contribution to the planned Fort York Visitor Centre.   

 The HVRA board was unanimous in its support, and  believes that this Centre has the potential to invigorate an important downtown neighbourhood, bring much-needed attention to a vital part of our history, and become an important resource for all the residents of our downtown neighbourhoods and beyond.

 I brough this request to the attention of the SVRA executive and the letter to the SVRA meeting Wednesday night. The letter was read by those in attendance and the motion was passed to endorse  the City’s cost-sharing request. 

ACTIONI will send modified versions of the letter to the key ministers, as well as the Premier. 

If you are interested in reading this letter and personally sending a letter of endorsement and require contact info please click here: Ft Yk let Dalton and Here are the four Ontario ministers to whom letters should be sent 

Seaton Village Traffic update: Councillor Adam Vaughan has taken concerns voiced by Seaton Village residents and some possible solutions to council for approval. Councillor Vaughan is awaiting reports back from City Staff and will be calling an open community meeting in the very near future to discuss the traffic situation and provide reccomendations from the City. Jenny Foster is also working on some neighbourhood-based solutions with St. Alban’s Boys and Girls’ Club such as the creation of some fantastically painted key intersections in the neighbourhood.

It was suggested by a few at the meeting that we consider painting key intersections in a “Zebra crossing” pattern and position larger stop signs at intersections known to be “stoptional.”

A group of Palmerston Ave residents living directly across from St. Albans’ commented on the surge in traffic during morning and evening drop off and pick up times. They are really frustrated by the congestion and commented on serious safety concerns around illegilly parked cars on both the east and west side of Palmerston just south of Vermont.

The traffic calming planters were also suggested to be anything but “calming” and contribute to the chaos and frustration of motorists and pedestrians at the north and south points of the intersection at Palmerston and Vermont. They are perceived as dangerous.

ACTION: Jennifer will discuss this with Traffic Chair Jenny Foster and bring this to the attention of Councillor Vaughan to be discussed at the upcoming City traffic meeting TBA. 

Bill Bolton Arena has a new manager. The SVRA would like to welcome Larry Powers to the neighbourhood!  We look forward to a great relationship with Larry and know he’s going to be a great addition to Bill Bolton and Seaton Village. We would also like to thank Jim Oreto for his years of dedication to Bill Bolton, to hockey and for enriching the neighbourhood providing such great leadership and fantastic porgramming at the rink. To access the arena’s website: http://www.billbolton.ca/

The Website: coming soon -2 new sections on the website “Community Notice Board” and “Who are the People in Our Neighbourhood” Please continue to visit  the website over the next few weeks for some great additional content – it will take a bit of time to get this sorted, so thanks for you patience.

Communication: Jennifer asked whether it was deemed appropriate to send messages from the SVRA to the contact and membership lists. It was unanimously passed that community-related notices be sent out and Jennifer will continue to moderate with the understanding the SVRA does not endorse them, but will continue to act as a portal of community-related information (especially given the state of our community notice board in the park!)

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on Wednesday February 9th 7 – 9:00pm in the libary at St. Albans’. Our special guest speaker will be Ed Janiszewski, a noted local historian.

Topic: Seaton Village Lane Naming initiative!

Ed is a great supporter of the lane naming project. Please come hear him speak, learn more about the project and past projects that have been successfully completed (HVRA and Cabbagetown.) Not a fan of the project? Please come out and tell us why!

SEATON VILLAGE FAMILY DAY SKATE February 21st 2:00 -4:00    Bill Bolton Arena

All the best,

Jennifer Hunter