//Adam Vaughan Supports Transit City

Adam Vaughan Supports Transit City

We received a letter from Ward 20 Councillor Adam Vaughan regarding his postion in support of Transit City

Below is an exerpt from his letter to Ward 20 residents  “Working together to save Transit City”

Dear Residents;

 Over the past week, I have received thousands of emails in support of Transit City. I am in the process of replying to each of those letters, but in the meantime I wanted to be sure that you know where I stand on this important programme.

To read Adam’s letter “Working together to save Transit City” click here: Adam Vaughan supports Transit City

There is also an advocacy group that has is lobbying on this issue – their website is http://www.ttcriders.ca  There is a form e-mail that can be sent from this site to political representatives.

Here’s a list of contacts that includes the Mayor’s office, Executive Committee, TTC Commissioners, the premier, Transportation minister, and several other councillors who it would be helpful to contact: list of contacts

Thanks everyone,