//SVRA Community Safety Awareness and Crime Prevention

SVRA Community Safety Awareness and Crime Prevention

 As a part of November 10th’s SVRA meeting, PC Kozak from 14 Division spoke to community members about the most recent incidence of Break and Enter Crimes plaguing the neighbourhood.

A summary has been written up detailing a series of prevention strategies and the protocol if you find yourself a victim of a (break and enter) crime. To read the Crime Prevention Strategy and Protocol Summary: Community Awareness Document_draft1

Thankfully, 14 Division has confirmed the crimes have since ceased.The SVRA Safety Committee, however, is working on a number of initiatives involving the community to display our spirit of solidarity TBA!

 Comments, questions, want to get involved with the Traffic and Safety Committees? Send us a message at  seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com

Thanks to everyone in attendance.