Vermont Square Park Concept Designs

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to those of you who came out to view the three concept designs and share your opinions.  For those of you who were not able to come or who wish to review the designs again, please click on this link:  Vermont Open House One Panels[fa]small

To read comments written on the clipboards at the open house: 3 Scheme-public-comments

Please forward any additional comments to


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2 responses to “Vermont Square Park Concept Designs

  1. Rebecca

    I have come to realize that the disconnect between the designers and the rest of the community is that the designers are concerned with form and the community is concerned with function. Let’s make sure that the function is meeting the community needs and then work with form and not the other way around. When you have to live with something, function is key. When you visit, form is what attracts.

  2. seatonvillage

    The Team at Plant Architect Inc. have very mindfully considered both form and function in the plans for Vermont Square Park. Their draft designs are based on feedback from the Community given in a variety of ways, written and oral, and in a variety of contexts including 2 design charrette workshops. Perhaps you could refer to the images posted to see where members of the community actually situated design features themselves… It might be prudent to consider who you speak for when you use generalizations like “the rest of the community.” The process around the renewal of Vermont Square Park is one based on and encouraging cooperation and collaboration. Thanks for your message and we look forward to your particiaption at the upcoming Open House presentation on December 6th.
    Best Regards, Jennifer Hunter

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