Upcoming Vermont Square Park Renewal Community meetings

Design charette workshop November1st: debrief

 We had quite a good turnout for the second design charette at St. Alban”s November 1st.  Aproximately 30 people attended. It was a fun and amazingly creative and interactive night with Lisa, Suzanne and Elise engaging participants in what seemed like design board games. Transparencies were used on 3-D models of the park to imagine where a variety of different elements might be situated throughout the park.

Thanks to those who participated!

Thanks go to St. Albans for providing us a meeting space!

 There are two meetings scheduled for the presentation and review of the first and then the revised draft of  the plan for the park AT PALMERSTON SCHOOL – LIBRARY

  • Wednesday November 17th 7:00 -9:00 pm  – first public consultation on first draft; 
  • Monday December 6th 7:00-9:00pm   – second public consultation on revised draft plan

We look forward to seeing you there!

With thanks – SVRA and VSPRC

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One response to “Upcoming Vermont Square Park Renewal Community meetings

  1. I have several comments from last evening where it wasn’t easy to register them.
    1. As a former dog owner, owners seldom want to sit down when dogs are off leash. The dog socializing may require intervention and the casual community of conversation works better standing and moving.
    2. Dogs and small children are curious. If there is no fence around the play area they will find a way in or out as the case may be. A fence keeps everyone comfortable.
    3. Play equipment for older children must be carefully considered. It was installed where I last lived and removed within a month. Nobody realized that older children play differently and that they would become over excited when they were having too much fun. Never having it is better than snatching it back.
    4. Toronto has just elected a cost cutting mayor. What guarantee can there will be that plans will be completed and/or facilities maintained when budgets are cut?
    5. Vermont park presently is a neighborhood facility that surely needs the playground updated and some sprucing up and minor upgrades. It is not a ‘destination’ so what is the point of amphitheatre seating without performances? Chess tables would be good but I question whether there would be enough traffic to support a snack bar. The much larger Christie Pits park barely supports one when the pool is open.

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