//Neighbourhood Burglar Caught!

Neighbourhood Burglar Caught!

14 Division confirmed a burglar was caught “red-handed” on Euclid the morning of Sunday October 31st and taken into custody.

The suspect was charged with 33 residential B&E’s as well as 29 related charges including possession of property. He remains in custody.

The MO seems to be rear (basement) entry through a window. In many cases, the perpetrator entered during daytime hours gaining access through open windows and doors EVEN while the home owner/occupants were  at home!

What we’ve been made aware of, is that purses, wallets, jewelery and computers were the loot of choice.

We would like to extend our sympathy to all those who’ve been a victim and affected by this wave of crime.

We encourage everyone to keep safe, lock your doors, and ensure your cars are locked and valuables are NOT kept in your car!

Jenny Foster (SVRA Traffic and Safety Chair) attended the Community Response meeting hosted by Friends of  Christie Pits Park (FCPP) and Christie Ossington Resident’s Association (CORA). To read her summary: Community Response Meeting Oct.26 2010

The SVRA is hoping to have Constable Gord Reid from 14 Division Community Response Team at November 10th’s SVRA meeting to discuss this case and others, and to discuss crime prevention and strategies to help make our homes and neighbourhood safer.

Please let us know what you think and what would be significant to discuss with Constable Reid!

Thanks – the SVRA