Recent Rash of Break-ins and Lane Way Robberies in Seaton Village!

Sadly, we are getting accounts of neigbours suffering the consequences of homes and cars being broken-in to in Seaton Village…AGAIN or is it STILL!

In the past week, cars in the laneway behind Vermont Ave/Leal rental were broken in to. The same goes for the laneway in between Markham and Palmerston from Follis to Barton!

Homes were broken in to in broad daylight (computers, jeweley being stolen) along the same stretches of Markham AND Vermont – more than twice in 2 nights!!!

Please lock doors and windows!

Please go to the Crime Prevention of Toronto website for info: and report crimes to the police at 14 Division. We all need to keep our eyes open and request more community bike police presence in the neighbourhood. The community response officer for 14 Division is at 416-808-1500. You can call that number to voice your concerns. If you have been a victim of a theft, destruction of property or vandalism, CALL THE POLICE AND FILE A REPORT. Ask for the FILE NUMBER.  The number to report a crime is 416-808-2222.

Below is part of the text from the 14 division September newsletter (p.9):
Remember, all crimes should be reported to the police immediately, even if it is only an attempt. Hesitate only long enough to ensure your safety. Crime cannot be controlled or prevented if it is not reported. By reporting crimes and suspicious activities you can protect yourself and others. Confrontation with suspicious people or suspected criminals is not recommended. Remember your safety is paramount. If a crime has occurred, do not touch anything or clean up until the police have inspected it for evidence.
– Become the best witness possible by noticing details about the suspect, mannerism, age, height, weight and appearance, compare them to yourself or people you know
Memorize tattoos, scars or prominent features
– Note clothing worn but keep in mind that outer clothing can be changed
– Vehicle licence number, make, model, colour and number of doors
– Call police immediately! Hesitate long enough to ensure your own safety
Help us help you. Opening your eyes to your surroundings can mean closing your neighbourhood to crime. To obtain brochures or further information, please contact P.C. Gord Reid, 14 Crime Prevention at 416-808-1529 or email Gord Reid:

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One response to “Recent Rash of Break-ins and Lane Way Robberies in Seaton Village!

  1. Linda Read

    Around Palmerston and London in the past two months there have been cars broken into, things stolen off front porches and out of garages, and a bike stolen. Police reports were made.

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