//Community Response Meeting October 26, 2010

Community Response Meeting October 26, 2010

CORA (Christie Ossington Resident’s Association) and Friends of Christie Pits Park along with the  Crime Prevention Assosciation of Toronto http://cpatoronto.org/home  and 14 Division, met with the community to discuss community safety and health in response to the recent shooting on Bloor St at Crawford.

Jenny Foster SVRA Traffic and Safety Chair attended the meeting. Her comment:

The meeting on Tuesday really focused primarily on gun, gangs and violent crimes, particularly west of Crawford where territorial struggles are taking place  – less on vandalism and property.  The tone was informative and constructive, and the key message that kept getting repeated is the importance of reporting any suspicious activity.  The officers noted a few recent cases where simple tips and minor details provided by citizens led to arrests and convictions.  I will provide a more thorough profile of the meeting for the next SVRA meeting, but in the mean-time here is part of the text from the 14 division September newsletter (p.9).
“Remember, all crimes should be reported to the police immediately, even if it is only an attempt. Hesitate only long enough to ensure your safety. Crime cannot be controlled or prevented if it is not reported. By reporting crimes and suspicious activities you can protect yourself and others. Confrontation with suspicious people or suspected criminals is not recommended. Remember your safety is paramount. If a crime has occurred, do not touch anything or clean up until the police have inspected it for evidence.
– Become the best witness possible by noticing details about the suspect, mannerism, age, height, weight and appearance, compare them to yourself or people you know
– Memorize tattoos, scars or prominent features
– Note clothing worn but keep in mind that outer clothing can be changed
– Vehicle licence number, make, model, colour and number of doors
– Call police immediately! Hesitate long enough to ensure your own safety
Help us help you. Opening your eyes to your surroundings can mean closing your neighbourhood to crime. To obtain brochures or further information, please contact P.C. Gord Reid, 14 Crime Prevention at 416-808-1529 or email to: gordon.reid@torontopolice.on.ca ”

To read Jenny Foster’s brief: Christie Pits Safety Meeting w