//October 13th, 2010 SVRA Meeting Minutes

October 13th, 2010 SVRA Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jennifer Hunter (Chair), Suzanna Birchwood (Communications), Joan MacCallum (Treasurer), Mark Fram (Planning), Roxane O’Brien (Social), Erin Mitchell (V.P Playground), Jon Osmond, Claudia Osmond, Carl Mollins, Luke Wintjes and Juliana and John Trenholme

Regrets: Jenny Foster (Safety), Andrew Ignatieff (Chair VSPRC), Beatrice Van Djik (Playground)

Park Renewal Process: Please see post regarding October 5th VSPR open community meeting debrief.  Luke suggested we partner with St. Alban’s to create “advertisements” for the park and renewal process with artists from the neighbourhood and St Alban’s.

Action: Jennifer will forward this idea to Andrew Ignatieff and the team at Plant.

Business Arising: 2 upcoming design charette workshops for the VSP Renewal Process;

1) October 23rd from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm @ Vermont Square Park

The theme is “Paths and Small Gathering Spaces”. PLANT Architect (our Design Consultants for the Park Renewal) will direct an outdoor design workshop with participants walking all over the park:

  • Come help think about how we can make paths across and into the park to make it more accessible to all.
  • Come help think about where we can make better intimate/small gathering spaces to make the park a better social place.
  • Come any time between 10am and 1:00pm for 20-30 minutes to participate.

Wear warm clothes. Workshop will be outside light rain or shine. Heavy rain alternate location is Palmerston School Gym.

2) November 1st 7:00 – 9:00pm @ St Alban’s, upstairs in the library

The theme: “‘Passive’ (Quiet, Non Recreational) and ‘Active’ (Recreational, Sport) Uses of the Park.”

Pumpkin Patch

The Seaton Village Pumpkin Patch will be held again this year on November 1st in Vermont Square Park, from 5 – 9 pm. The SVRA will be serving complimentary hot chocolate and apple cider.  Neighbours/participants are asked to bring along their own mug.

Pumpkins will be welcome anytime after 4:00 Monday November 1st in the southwest end of the park along the pathway at Palmerston Ave.

We will be accepting donations at the event to help with costs.

Wanted: Volunteers !!!  

1) to assist with placement and lighting of pumpkins anytime after 4pm;

2)  reassemble pumpkins afterwards for City pick-up Tuesday;

3)help dispense apple cider and hot chocolate at event

4)postering volunteers!

****to get involved or for more information please email the SVRA:  seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com

Many thanks to Alexis Eizinas for her help in coordinating this event!!!!


Discussion: Should dues be collected for membership based on a fixed and/or pay-what-you-are-able rate?

Asked was: What does paid membership mean and what exactly does paid membership provide? What is the benefit of being a paid member – does this simply mean the right to vote at a) monthly meetings or b) at the AGM or c) both?


  1. create a space on the website providing a detailed list of what the monies collected go toward based on model of Best Practices;
  2. create position of Membership Chair – anyone..? Let us know if interested @ seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com
  3. bring laptop to meetings and events so as to make immediate entry of new members (and payment made) into existing members data base;
  4. Is “PayPal” a reasonable option for payment on the site?
  5. ensure Treasurer’s Report is posted on the site.

Action: Jennifer and Joan to check for the report so as to post this ASAP to the site. Beatrice Van Djik has created an ad for membership secretariat (paid/youth volunteer?) to post to the website. Facebook to be employed as a more immediate way to network, get news out, create buzz around topics of interest and generate publicity for community events!


Actions: Suzanna Birchwood is reviewing changes made to the Constitution with Meyer Brownstein  – to be brought back to review at the soonest possible SVRA meeting IF substantive changes are material. When finalized, the constitution will then be posted to the website.

Committee Reports

Mandates from Safety, playground and Social Committees have been submitted and being reviewed for approval  to post to website


1) Development on Dupont and promised $20,000 S37 money from City – where is it?

Action: Mark is continuing to locate these funds with Adam Vaughan’s office.

2) 355 Christie St. development @ Yarmouth: Developer is looking to create several more homes on site (mix of attached and detached) in same style as the 2 homes previously built. Developer has applied to the CofA for this. Date for hearing was October 6th;

3) Leal Rent All : owner has applied for a “Change of Use” permit, without applying to CofA for any changes to physical structure.

Playground: An enormous wasp nest was discovered in the pine trees at the southern end of the playground.

Action: City staff removed nest Thursday October 14th, 2010


  1.  Pumpkin Patch November 1st, 2010
  2. Holiday Party in lieu of December SVRA meeting December 8th
  3. Family Day Skate February 21st, 2011
  4. Spring and Summer community-building/celebrating  events  – we discussed the idea of a type of Seaton Village “Pet Stock.” This would be a day to celebrate the many ways we enjoy our pets in Seaton Village and to build bridges between the dog community and non-dog owning residents of Seaton Village.

Actions: Roxanne to look into the Trane as a location for our end of season holiday soiree ( December 8th,  7-9pm), Rox to confirm availability of Bill Bolton for family skate.  Jennifer spoke with Sandy Straw at Parks and Rec who loves the Pet Stock idea and has committed (the City) to partnering with us on the event. Date and format TBD.

Other Business

The typical format for monthly meetings was discussed. Jennifer suggested guest speakers and or a Speakers Series to discuss such topics of interest locally as, for example,  inviting Jane Beecroft from the Toll Keepers’ Cottage to speak about Seaton Village’s origins and history, officers from 14 division to discuss issues of safety, prevention, and reporting crimes within Seaton Village, discussions with local business so as to find ways to create and support a more vibrant, thriving business community within the neighbourhood, Schools and Education and community building events to help foster relations amongst various members of the hood. we spoke about Not Far From the Tree and Stop coming in to speak to the neighbourhood about harvesting fruit trees and extending the neighbourhood’s bounty to others.

On those evenings, the proposed format would include a short SVRA meeting followed by the information sessions.

Action: Jennifer/others to use website, Facebook and other means to gather topics of interest and create a schedule based on feedback – look for this to follow on the website, in messages sent out via email and at the Seaton Village Facebook page.

Next SVRA meeting: November 10th, 2010