//Vermont Square Park Renewal Meeting Debrief and Upcoming Community Workshops

Vermont Square Park Renewal Meeting Debrief and Upcoming Community Workshops

The first Seaton Village community meeting to discuss ideas for the revitalization of Vermont Square Park was held At Palmerston School, October 5th, 2010, where participants presented their ideas and visions for the park.  Those gathered were introduced to the Vermont Square Park Renewal Committee ( VSPRC comprised of area residents) and PLANT Architect Inc., the design team overseeing the revitalization process. Also present throughout the meeting was Adam Vaughan, our City Councillor.

The Participants were encouraged to present their ideas verbally and or write them down on flip charts and clip boards that were circulated during the meeting. These ideas and information provided at the meeting,  suggestions (from suggestion boxes) gathered at St Albans and Palmerston library this summer, along with results from the 2007 park survey and PLANT’s meetings with the Parks and Recreation managers has been recorded by PLANT’s team. PLANT is currently processing all information in order to create a detailed programme for the revitalization of the park, which will be posted here in the next week. They will refine the suggestions based on the public input, city stakeholder input and observations of the park conditions. Input/suggestions will be evaluated with respect to the best use of the available budget, capacity of maintenance and governance, compatibility with the existing uses, availability of similar uses close by, appropriateness to the existing best attributes of the park and if they actually fulfill a particular common need/desire (not necessarily in that order). Any comments or suggestions can be made to the SVRA seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com and will be passed on to the design team.

Our next opportunity to provide direct input to the design team will be at the upcoming design charette on Saturday October 23rd in Vermont Square Park from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm. Light rain or shine. Heavy rain we will meet at Palmerston Public school Gym. (If you miss this one, or there will be another one November 1)

If you would like to know more information on the park renewal process, please contact the SVRA.