Park Maintenance Update

Jen Hunter and Andrew Ignatieff met with city staff to identify and resolve specific short-term problems with the park.  The SVRA sent the list below to the city staff last week, and the SVRA is awaiting a response from the city about when the neighbourhood can expect a response.

Maintenance List Submitted to the City July 2010

Item Solution/Date
2 of 4 baby swings are broken Work order placed
New picnic table for se corner of park Work order placed
Mystery well (s. of Bill Bolton) ü  Well has now been filled in
Garbage removal of broken toys in park Friday pick up
Drain covers missing Work order placed
Broken planks on benches Work order placed
Water fountain broken Work order placed
Tree stump in field to be removed Work order placed
Better signage and ENFORCEMENT of off-leash rules Request made
Graffitti removal Request made

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One response to “Park Maintenance Update

  1. Jen Hunter

    Hi All, just to update you, the City promptly attended to all repairs and requests submitted on this list. I met with Sandy Straw Parks Manager and we did a walk through of the park with Andrew Ignatieff Chair of the VSP Renewal Comittee to ensure we had safe and well-functioning spaces for everyone. Soon coming will be another sign in the off-leash area informing everyone of off-leash times in the park. Please let us know if you see or hear of something that is or isn’t working as it should – we welcome your input! Jen

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