Park Renewal UPDATE June 28

Park renewal is proceeding this year and next, but the consultant-led COMMUNITY CONSULTATIONS are being moved from the summer months, so that more people can participate.

This is the key result of the June 22 Park Renewal Committee meeting, held at The Trane Studio on June 22, and chaired by Vice-Chair, Diana Moeser.

The new schedule for community consultation will be made available later this summer.

The deadline for design consultants to submit a reply to the city  is now July 8, and the selection process will take place later that month.  Liza Jerome, David Rezmovitz and Peter Smith are the three Committee members taking part in the selection for the SVRA.

Look for an interview with SVRA President Jen Hunter, and Park Renewal Chair, Andrew Ignatieff in the July issue of the Annex Gleaner for more information on the park.

The next meeting of the Park Renewal Committee is currently slated for August 24, 2010.  The final date will be confirmed in this space in early August.


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2 responses to “Park Renewal UPDATE June 28

  1. bill magee

    The splash pad at the Wychwood Barns site appeals to a much wider age range than the one in VT2. Something like that seems a good investment…

  2. susannah2

    Thanks for your idea. The Wychwood one does look like fun! We will pass along your idea to the consultants who are designing the space.

    Thanks again.

    Suzanna Birchwood

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