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Park Renewal UPDATE June 28

Park renewal is proceeding this year and next, but the consultant-led COMMUNITY CONSULTATIONS are being moved from the summer months, so that more people can participate.

This is the key result of the June 22 Park Renewal Committee meeting, held at The Trane Studio on June 22, and chaired by Vice-Chair, Diana Moeser.

The new schedule for community consultation will be made available later this summer.

The deadline for design consultants to submit a reply to the city  is now July 8, and the selection process will take place later that month.  Liza Jerome, David Rezmovitz and Peter Smith are the three Committee members taking part in the selection for the SVRA.

Look for an interview with SVRA President Jen Hunter, and Park Renewal Chair, Andrew Ignatieff in the July issue of the Annex Gleaner for more information on the park.

The next meeting of the Park Renewal Committee is currently slated for August 24, 2010.  The final date will be confirmed in this space in early August.


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Change in Schedule

The Park Renewal Committee is meeting Tuesday, June 22, as planned, but there are important scheduling changes you should know about.

The meeting is now being held at the Trane (964  Bathurst) from 7-8pm.  St. Alban’s is closing early all this week so an alternate site was needed.

With this change we pared down the agenda to the bare minimum – The focus will be on the Report from the Chair, and next steps.

An update with next steps regarding community input will be posted here after the meeting on the 22nd.

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June 9 SVRA Meeting NEWS

Highlights of the June 2010 SVRA Meeting

Send us your ideas for community events by emailing We’ll pass them on to the social committee

Annex Jazz Festival at the Trane – August 25-29. Participants include many local jazz musicians –including Jordan Klapman and Scott Marshall—plus international guests from the U.S. Join in the community street event – an outdoor sing along.

We’re planning a fund raising event for park renewal in the near future.

To report traffic concerns on Barton, go to the

police website or call 416-808-1900.

For information about 14 Division contacts go to

Check the website and watch for the notice of a committee meeting about the development at the corner of Yarmouth and Christie

We’re working to improve our website – stay tuned

We’re also updating our email listing so you can get notifications of new website postings.


Present: Jennifer Hunter, chair and president; Joan MacCallum, treasurer; Mark Fram, Chair, planning; Roxanne O’Brien, Chair, social; Maggie Groves, Peter Groves, Linda Read, Jon Osmond, Suzanna Birchwood, Jay Yedvab,  Reinhart Reithmeier, Cathy and Joe O’Connell and Mimi Choi

Regrets: Andrew Ignatieff, Park Renewal Committee; Jen Foster, Safety Committee

1. SVRA constitution: The proposed SVRA constitution has never been passed. To move this forward, it will be sent for review a neighbourhood constitutional expert and brought forward to the 2011 AGM for approval.

2. Committee mandates: The SVRA committees are traffic and safety, planning, park renewal, and social. The playground committee and dog committee are sub sets of the park renewal committee.  Each committee will bring a draft of its mandate to the July meeting, with final draft for review and approval at the September meeting. All committees are open to ideas and volunteers.

3. Communication- For improved communication:

-the website is to be reviewed and updated. Neighbourhood website experts have volunteered to help

– all agendas and minutes to be posted on website with copies of the minutes posted at Palmerston Library and St Alban (Linda Read to be responsible for the  library and St. Albans posting.)

– SVRA email member list needs updating

– of concern is how to reach members of the community who do not use computers, or may not speak English.

4. Committee Reports

  • Social Committee – committee would like to have an event in each season. Last year’s pumpkin patch and family day skate were successes that could be continued. Send ideas to Roxanne O’Brian, chair.  Suggestions so far included an end of summer BBQ at the wading pool and a movie in the park night. Suggest also build on events sponsored by other organizations.
  • Park Renewal Committee is planning a fundraiser in the near future.
  • Traffic and Safety: On May 17, Adam Vaughan and area residents walked Barton and discussed how to slow traffic on this street. Adam suggested local kids could paint the intersections in bright colourful ways to highlight them, that Fiesta Farms could deliver groceries by bicycle, that the speed limit on the school block be reduced, and a zig zag parking pattern which would slow traffic down.

-Palmerston parents and the school are beginning research about car transportation in order to make recommendations regarding traffic around the school. School – SVRA and St Albans-SVRA liaisons being set up to facilitate discussion about transportation of kids.

-Concern about cyclists on Olive ignoring stop signs and travelling fast.

-There is support for increased enforcement of the traffic by-laws. Jen will remind Adam Vaughan of his promise to ask for Barton enforcement. The community can emphasize its concern by personally calling or emailing police.

  • Planning Committee: The Chair reported that the proposed development on Christie and Yarmouth has changed substantially and requires a change in zoning, a community meeting and perhaps an OMB hearing. The city planner does not dispute the change which rearranges the already approved elements to move the larger building to face Christie and the town houses to face Yarmouth. A community meeting will be held shortly to discuss the change.

The Chair will investigate development charges for a development going up on Dupont.

5. Annex Jazz Festival: To raise the profile of Seaton Village, Suzanna Birchwood asked for support for SVRA involvement in the first Annex Jazz Festival, August 25-29 at the Trane (964 Bathurst.) The proposal is to have an “impromptu” street event – a “sing-thing” – around the corner from the Trane. Local media would be informed of the event. Other suggestions included a New Orleans style jazz parade around Seaton Village. Suzanna will work with the Social Committee to organize the SV portion of the event. There would be no promotion costs

6. All candidates Mayoralty Debate: Local residents’ associations are hosting a mayoralty debate at Trinity St. Paul’s on Tuesday June 15. Andrew Ignatieff will represent the SVRA and ask questions from our community. Suggestions for questions included the need for more indoor winter recreation space and the need for the city to be committed to the urban environment.  Thanks to Chris Scott-Dixon for creating the poster for all the residents’ associations.

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June 11 Update

MEETINGS – Mark your calendars!

There are a number of meetings and events coming up that community members might want to participate in.

1. June 15 – the Mayoralty Debate at Trinity St. Paul Church, sponsored by the SVRA and other local residents’ associations.  7pm.

2. June 16 – There is a Christie Ossingto Residents’ Association (CORA) meeting at 6:30pm.  Check out the “Friends of Christie Pits” page for location.

3. June 16 – Communications Cttee SVRA meeting at the Trane (964 Bathurst) 7:30-8:30pm

4. Vermont Square Park Renewal Committee Meeting – June 22, 7pm, St. Albans Library  for updates from the city on where we are and information about park renewal.

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Mayoral Candidate Debate

On June 15, 2010, at 7:00 PM, the Seaton Village Residents’ Association will be co-sponsoring a mayoral candidate debate at the Trinity St. Paul’s Centre, located in the Annex at 429 Bloor Street West.  Mayoral candidates Rob Ford, Howard Gomberg, Giorgio Mammoliti, Joe Pantalone, Rocco Rossi and Sarah Thompson will be present to discuss the issues that are facing Toronto and their platforms that they propose to meet them.

For a full sized readable version of the mayoral candidate debate poster, click here.

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SVRA Meeting Tonite

Time: 7-8:30 pm

Location:  St. Alban’s Library (2nd Floor)


For Decision

  1. Constitution
  2. Sing Thing
  3. Committee Mandates
  4. Other Items

For Information

  1. SVRA-School Relations
  2. Mayoralty Debate
  3. Committee Reports
  4. Communications
  5. Membership issues

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