Annual General Meeting

Come out to the Annual General Meeting Monday May 10th at Palmerston Public Library.
6:30 to 7:00 – meet and greet
7:00 meeting starts
Welcome and introductions
The year in review
Park redevelopment – find out about our process and plans
Q and A
Please note: Membership to SVRA is a $20.00 suggested donation


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5 responses to “Annual General Meeting

  1. Jeannette Mazzocato


    At last year’s SVRA Annual meeting, someone suggested Seaton Village street signs. This is a really great idea. What would it take to do this? Can it be put on the agenda for the upcoming Annual Meeting?

    Thank you!

    Jeannette Mazzocato

  2. susannah2

    My understanding until now was the VSP renewal stuff was going first. When did the order change ?

    I seem to remember that Adam wanted it first so that people who wanted to engage with the park improvements didn’t feel obliged to become an svra member.

  3. Linda Read

    Isn’t it a little late to change the agenda?

    All previous communication from SVRA indicated a different agenda. I can only assume this is an individual decision taken without consultation with the Park Renewal committee or with other members of SVRA. Please do not embarrass the general membership by insisting on personal whim.

  4. The 2010 AGM is following an agenda similar to previous AGMs. There is a summary of activities given by the Chair, followed by elections and then a presentation. This year the presentation will be about the upcoming park redevelopment. I hope you will come out and enjoy it.

  5. Linda Read

    Jeanette, it is my understanding that the special street signs we see around Toronto are paid for by the local business association, not by the City. But I could be wrong..

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