//Park Renewal Meeting Update – What you should know

Park Renewal Meeting Update – What you should know

The Park Renewal team met last night, April 7.

The project lead from the City’s Parks & Recreation department went through the key responsibilities and general timing for park renewal.  We will be posting updated versions of those documents on line in the coming weeks.

Of  interest:  The city is the lead on the process of getting design consultants and later contractors.

Three (3) VSP renewal committee members will be helping with the initial selection of a designer, similar to a process followed by Sibelius park.

The VSP renewal committee is in charge of the process in terms of getting input from you, our neighbours.

The actual content of what the park will look like is up to you!  The earlier you get involved the better!

Key preliminary dates look like this:

Late April – outreach to the community via door-to-door (and if you want to get involved in this, email us at seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com)

Mid-May – big open meeting to explain the process and get input (date will be published shortly)

July-August – once the designer is on board there will be community workshops, probably right at the park…if you want to know more about these check back to this space in June.  The designer will run these.

September – big meeting of the community to review design(s)  – the designer will run these.

October – finalize the plans

What can you do to help?

1. offer to do some door-to-door canvassing  and postering in late April and early May


2. talk to your neighbours about the process – once it’s posted here – especially those who aren’t in cyberspace!

Keep watching this space for updated information on community consultation, a spring meeting and detailed plans for our renewed park.