Break-In in Seaton Village

A smash-and-grab home break-in was reported by a resident of Seaton Village this morning (Tuesday, April 6) at a home on Clinton Street, north of Yarmouth Road.  The owners of the residence were at home during the early morning break-in when the intruders broke in through a rear window to the home.

In 2009 there were several similar break-ins at homes in Seaton Village located south of Barton Avenue were thieves gained entrance to homes through back doors or windows while residents were home sleeping.

Residents are encouraged to ensure that back windows and doors remain closed and locked overnight and that security lights are installed at the rear of the house as a minimum.  Valuables should be kept out of sight from windows and doors.  Security systems, if available, should be armed in Stay mode at night.  Above all, suspicious behaviour by individuals at unusual hours should be reported to the police as a precaution.


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2 responses to “Break-In in Seaton Village

  1. Tracy

    I also had an attempted break-in to my home. Luckily for me, the thief did not mange to get in. It happened in the early morning on Monday, April 5. I live on Yarmouth Rd, just east of Clinton. The thief tried to break in through a main floor window at the back of my house.

  2. seatonvillage

    Reports from the community have been consistent that the thief is attempting entry into homes from the hear of the house. I’m wondering if those homes affected had easy access to the laneways? It may be the method by which the thief is navigating the neighbourhood so easily without being spotted.

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