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SVRA Meeting Highlights March 10/10

Seaton Village Residents Associations

March 10, 2010

Attending:  C.Scott-Dixon, chair, J. MacCallum, C. Mollins, M.Choi, M. Fram,

Guests: P.King (Annex Gleaner)


-Report back on park renewal:

City will develop a time line using a fast track hiring process, committee will finalize a high level design brief, AGM will be used for consultation prior to hiring design team. There was discussion about the basis for hiring consultant – if lowest bidder, based on design cost or construction cost? And also, concern that if lowest bidder, how to get consultant we want.  These 2 questions to be clarified with city.

There was discussion about the topic of the consultation and the need for a facilitator.  It was suggested as a possible approach to invite the short list firms to make a short presentation on their vision of the park, based on the design brief and the initial submission to the city. There would be opportunity for questions and then for community to indicate its preferences for elements that had been presented.

-AGM: date to be coordinated with councilors office (Joan to contact Dale); work with councillor to book Palmerston school

-Mayoral debate :

It was agreed to pursue this with neighbouring  communities.

-Social committee:

It was agreed to put the possible formation of a social committee on the agenda of the AGM

Suggested events-pumpkin patch, family day skate, possible fireworks event in the park  and a fourth adult focus event

-Website: Mimi will work with Chris on website


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Park Renewal Update – Moving Forward

Below are the minutes to the March 9 Vermont Square Park Renewal Committee meeting.  Of note:

– funding is coming this year and next

– we are moving quickly to get a consultation organised this spring

– a designer/consultant will be hired over the summer to develop a few design options

– after a decision next fall – in a second community consultation – we will be getting ready for shovels in the ground in Spring 2011.

If you want to get involved or have a question please contact us.  Thanks!

VS Park Renewal Committee

March 9, 2010

Attending:  D Moeser, Chair, J. MacCallum, A. Ignatieff, Peter Smith, Paul Tonin, Jennifer Hunter, Bob Luker, M Desjardins,    Liza  Jerome, Greg Gaetz, D Rezmovitz

City staff: Bob Duguid, Brian Green (Parks and Rec,Horticulture)

Councillor staff: D Duncan, Jackie, A Vaughan


-Budget: $550K- $50K this year, $500K in 2011

-Timing: it was agreed that the timing initially proposed by city was too tight and that the timelines would spread out a bit so that consultant would be hired in summer 2010, 4-5 month construction period would start May 2011

-Consultation is key: Adam Vaughan will attend AGM for an initial consultation which will inform design brief prior to hiring designer; Designer develops 2-3 design concepts for community input

Caveat: “design to the level of park you want, whether local community or ‘destination”, for example, a fabulous playground will make this a destination park that residents from other communities will use

-Communications: need to establish how to communicate with community –  a suggestion is a regular newsletter- and develop protocol between city and work group

-Fundraising: committee will consult with Sibelius on its strategy. Adam holding a “park convention” for ward parks to share info and fund raising ideas. One idea would be to consider entire block including St Albans and Bill Bolton and park as a single entity

– Next steps outlined by Duguid:

Our working group (VS Park Renewal committee) formalizes a design brief  in March

B Duguid develops critical path with milestones and timelines expected mid March

Develop Communications protocol (working group/city) and plan expected mid March (S.            Birchwood and committee members K. Devlin and C. Mallove)

Develop fund raising strategy – Lisa J to work with councilor’s office

Working group to meet with Duguid twice before AGM

Hiring process uses a city list of invitees, selection is based on lowest price,

First working group meeting with consultant in early September

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Celebrate Earth Day with Tafelmusik

Tafelmusik will celebrating Earth Day with a variety of activities and free concerts Wednesday April 7th through Sunday April 11th at Trinity St. Paul Centre 427 Bloor St. W. For more information check out their flyer, or online at

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March SVRA Meeting

The March SVRA meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 10th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club Library (2nd floor), 843 Palmerston Avenue, Toronto.


1. Adoption of agenda (additional items)

2. Minutes of February 10, 2010

3. Business arising:  Vermont Square Park Renewal Update, Annual General Meeting

4. Committee Reports

5. Community Updates

6. Other business

If you are interested in finding out more about the upcoming events in your community or are keen to meet up with your friends and neighbours, please drop by the March SVRA meeting and introduce yourself.  If you wish to see any other topics discussed, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to include them during the meeting.

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