//Jan 28/10 Minutes – Vermont Square Park Renewal

Jan 28/10 Minutes – Vermont Square Park Renewal

Vermont Square Park Renewal Committee

Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2010

Attending: A Ignatieff – Chair, M Desjardins, B Luker, D Moser, J MacCallum, P Tonin, C Mollins


  • Approved minutes of November meeting
  • It was confirmed that city funding for park renewal is approved and Adam V will announce it at the Feb 3 community meeting.
  • Group reaffirmed the 4 priorities previously agreed to:
  1. Restoring functionality of open space
  2. Playground needs improving and to be brought up to code
  3. Revitalizing under developed sections
  4. Encourage planning for year round use
  • Group reaffirmed the underlying values for redevelopment:
  1. Multifunctional use
  2. Intergenerational mixed use
  3. Sustainability with respect to environment
  4. Economically viable
  5. Pay greater attention to accessibility (in the broad sense of the word)
  • Process for redevelopment should include:
    • Ongoing community responsibility
    • Transparency of process
    • Partnerships with city departments including Parks and Recreation, Urban Forestry
    • Working closely with community partners including St Albans, Bill Bolton
  • It was agreed that the association should message to Adam Vaughan that:
    • The community is fully engaged and wishes to work in a partnership model
    • Communicate our underlying principles of  process and values
  • Given the city timelines for the project, it was agreed the community consultation schedule should use the spring to focus and summer to reaffirm


  • Rebecca to contact all leads in other park renewals with respect to their experience with various designers, city consultants etc to inform our input into design team selection
  • Ensure the person responsible for selection of designer is aware of our principles
  • Rebecca to contact Brenda Patterson, copy Adam V, Dale D and Bob Duguid to indicate”

-Park renewal committee has met

-further to the Feb 3 announcement, here are our principles ( as above)

– look forward to meeting Adam in first week of March

  • Consultation
    • Group to meet again to figure out questions to ask community for consultation
    • Consultation process: possible charette. Bob Luker to contact Palmerston neighbour landscape architect to inquire if he could run a charette or advise on who else could

Next meeting: there will not be a February meeting.  Check website for announcement of next meeting.