February 3/10 Traffic Meeting

About  100 people attended.

It was agreed that the main issue is speed not access or volume.

The safety committee is regrouping this year.  Email us at seatonvillagetoronto@gmail.com if you want to know more.

(if you can’t access this link it’s because I’m new at this, just copy and paste!)


Suggested ways of making the street less comfortable to speed on:
– Traffic circles
– Paint it with stripes to make it look narrower
– Possible additional parking spaces on Barton
– Lower speed limit from 40 to 30
– Install yellow school signs and residential areas signs
– More speed traps
– Drive  SLOWLY
– Paint intersections to make them more obvious

Councillor Adam Vaughan committed to the following actions:
– Will not do any left turns signs
– Will request more police enforcement
– Ask a traffic calming expert (not city traffic engineers) for suggestions
– Create a few more parking spots
– Look at critical intersections, especially around school
– Study possible implications of removing traffic light at Christie and replacing it with a pedestrian light

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