//January 13, 2010 Minutes

January 13, 2010 Minutes

January 13 2010
Monthly Meeting
Attending: R Sugarman, chair, J MacCallum, J Wagner, A Anderson, M Choi, S Conlin, J Foster, L Coramai, J Hunter,
Minutes of previous meeting were approved with amendment regarding the left turn to Barton. Amended that city traffic planners did not support it but local councilor and city council did support it.
Adam Vaughan’s office confirmed that SVRA park money has been approved. It was noted that SVRA should ask that the terms of reference for the city consultant for the project include the need for community consultation.
Core issue is kids going to school safely
Information update:
-Mimi has received some traffic count data from the city but it is outdated.
-Letter from the daycare to the city was signed by members of daycare board and parent council.
– There will be a community meeting Feb 3 at Palmerston School with AV who will announce left turn restrictions from Christie onto Barton as a temporary measure to study impact. City will do a “pre change” traffic count
Discussion about forming working committee:
-need to link with school, both daycares and SVRA (propose reviving the SVRA Safety Committee). A designated rep from each group will be invited to the working committee
Discussion about making the streets around the park more inviting
Family Day Skate
There will be an SVRA skating party at Bill Bolton Feb 15, 2-4pm
-Looking for ways to make the event more inviting.
–Suggestion to have materials for children to decorate their helmets. Mimi to find out about the clown who makes balloon hats
–Jennifer to ask Madelines about possible participation
— Rebecca to find out whether snack shop will be open and options for providing hot chocolate
Agreed to invite a member of the police to come to the next meeting to talk about safety proofing your house.
Lane Naming
J.Wagner will investigate how to go about this for Seaton Village and report back.